3D Warehouse defaulting to Products when searching?

Somehow my 3D Warehouse, both through SU Pro and online via Safari, has started defaulting to a search of Products, not Models (see below)

Is this a recent change? Have I accidentally turned on some option? How do I stop it? It’s incredibly annoying.

Why is there even a Products category? Models are models - surely a “commercial models” switch would be a much better way of enabling them to be shown - have some search criteria in which users can select whether they’re commercial products or UGC or both?


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There is also collections and catalogs. It would be nice to set a Preference, after all, shortcuts get tiered to a Trimble ID, too.

I was wondering why most of searches have no results. I din’t realise you have to select models option.

This has be rectified.

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I have given feedback to the team that it has caused some confusion. Once you have selected models, it stays selected, at least until you restart SketchUp.

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‘Products’ has been there for a while, it used to be an option buried in the advance search settings. Moving it into the default position is a very recent change. I’m not part of the decision making process on that, but as I understand it, people are often placing brand name appliances and vehicles, and were not finding the official model from the manufacturer, when Products was an additional option off to the right of Models.

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As a software and web developer it’s way way way too easy to setup a property to default to models.

Pretty obvious it’s a failed attempt at a money grab to the detriment of clients.

I don’t understand, It’s more likely fulfilling a long standing request by paying enduser’s to come up with a more professional 3D Warehouse with more ‘constructible’ content.
Personal projects could benefit, too btw.


All the content is free. How is that a money grab?

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