Search in 3d-warehouse does not improve

I hope I am missing something, otherwise the search in 3d-warehouse does not work at all. never find what I’m looking for, and today I tested to find my own model, of which I’m sure I did upload it, and couldn’t find it. Uploaded models of the new Imac 24",in all colors, days ago, can not find them anymore. To test, I searched for a model which is today in featured community models, on the front page of 3d-warehouse, it’s called firewood / brennholz. 3d-warehouse even can’t find that one…

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Did you click on Models tab?

Products tab

Works fine for me.

OW… the models tab… Sorry, I searched in products… I was thinking that everything would be in products. Now I even found back my imacs :grinning: Thanks mihai.s!

For some reason, the SketchUp team decided that the Warehouse search results should default to the Products tab. Once you know, it is simple to switch to the Models tab but this has confused quite a lot of people.


Yes, a little confusing indeed. But now I know forever!

I wonder if it would be difficult to make this a choice in settings that each 3DWH user could set to suit him-/herself?

I think it is more an issue of current web page design. When things have to work for both computer and mobile users, they have become simplified beyond recognition. Buttons don’t look like buttons and tabs don’t look like tabs.