3D Models are not showing up at the model tab on the 3D warehouse when somebody search it

Guys, recently, I 've experienced that my models are not showing up in the model tap on the 3d warehouse when somebody tries to search it anyone knows whats is going on?

It would help you you’d share some information so we can find your content in the Warehouse and help you get it sorted out.

Studiokaza is the name you need to search

Hi @studiokaza, your models are under the Products tab.

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As @psaal indicated…

Yes my brother, nothing showing up on the model tap only into products

Which is exactly the way it is supposed to be now.

Ok will no longer showing up like that anymore ? from now one ?

Okay my friend thank you for the help


Hi TheGUz I appreciate your attention but the thing it is not showing the models when you search. for exemple I have anther account that made a test and it showing the models when you try to search like in the past

if you compare with my company’s account it behaving different the reason why I am asking this here is because it looks like there is no models available in my 3D warehouse at studiokaza page at the first site

Some Sketchup developer should have changed that lately because it wast like that before until a little while ago at the first impression it can couse the people thinking that the models despaired

I’ll DM you.