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Every time that I search for models, always pops up for me the same models, no matter the word, I noticed that these models have many hashtags and so pops up in whatever search. Its very boring have to filter results.


I don’t get these models. Maybe I search different things or maybe I have no idea what you searched.

Can you

  • tell us an example of what you wanted to find,
  • give us the link of the search that you tried,
  • give us links to the models that you think should not be within the results?

Then we could either optimize the search terms, report the models or report a bug to improve the search algorithm.


An example of that happens
This is because I searched for “window”


In the query I don’t get it within the top 700 results. Is that the query you used, and does it still show this model within your results? If so, are you searching in the browser or in SketchUp (3D Warehouse window or components browser), and are you logged in or not?

In any case the collection should also be reported using the “Report abuse” link at the very bottom of the page, because it definitely is keyword spam and most keywords are not even related to the contained models.


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