3D warehouse problem and suggestion

  1. The search results became very poor after the update. In the past, i searched "TV’, “sofa” nearly all of the results were relevant to my search but now it shows some weird stuff that is nothing related the the search wording (like only 50 50, in the past nearly 90% is relevant) , this happens in the model page but also the collection page.
  2. Please add a function that go back to the last page after i import a model, every time i imported a model into my project, the next time i opened the warehouse, it showed that model but i cannot click back to the previous page
  3. The search bar should be shown and fix at the top, so i won’t have to scroll up to the top everytime i do a new search.
    4.collections without any model inside should not be shown when searched
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Completely agree. I came here to ask about the same issue. The search results are sooo irrelevant.