Search function not working any longer


I have used the 3d warehouse for many years. Lately, when I search for a model, a lot of irrelevant results come up whereas before, for the exact same search, I had only relevant results first. I’ve tried the same search in two different browsers with similar results.

What has happened to the search function on the 3d warehouse? Please fix it or I cannot use it any longer.

Thank you


What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Can you give some real example of what you are searching for and what you are getting that is irrelevant?


A new search function is being rolled out. Apparently any model that matches any single search phrase is now considered a match, compared to previously having to match every search phrase.

I agree completely. For those who has the new search function the 3D Warehouse search is rendered unusable.


I also agree with @murrcat & @eneroth3 that the current 3dwh search function has become quite problematic in that far too many results are returned regardless of the search terms used. I recently experimented with searching for models I uploaded under my own username and the search returned more than 500,000 results. (I think, at last count, I had uploaded no more than 60 models.) IMO, this is a completely untenable situation. Hopefully as the improvements that were mentioned are rolled out, this condition will revert to implementation of a usable search function, because as it operates at this moment it has the makings of disastrous proportions for users.