No images in 3d warehouse

I recently updated to 2023 for Mac. I don’t have any images in 3d Warehouse

What do you mean by “no images”? Show a screenshot of what you are seeing.

Please correct your forum profile. It’s quite outdated.

There is nothing there. Zero products, catalogs or models. It’s empty.

Is this after you searched for something? Again, show a screenshot of what you are seeing.

What do you see if you go to the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser?

What happens if you search for something?

How did you open that window? It should look more like this:

I can get the window you show if I search the ScketchUp website, but when I go to the 3d warehouse icon on the menu in my drawing I get the screenshot I showed you. Anything I search for will come up with a zero and “it looks like there are no models”

Is that in the Window menu?

Did you actually install SketchUp 2023 correctly? Try reinstalling it and the do a cold reboot of your computer. Power it off entirely and then restart it. Then open SketchUp and try the 3D Warehouse again.

Thanks! I reloaded SketchUp and there are models in 3d warehouse now.

It is still giving me trouble. Now I can open 3d ware house and put in a search. I get some choices, but when I refine the search, i get zero results again. If i x out of the search and just hit products or models or catalogs, there is nothing in any of them

What are you searching for and what refinements are you making?

Where on the planet are you?

I’m looking for a particular Kohler vanity top. If i search vanity tops I get models. If I type in the name and product number I get zero choices under products, catalogs, models. Then if I x out the search and just open each group fro models product etc. there is nothing in any of them. I’m in Philadelphia and have used SketchUp for quite a while.

Maybe if you gave me the exact name and product number I could try searching to see what I get.

Sure. It isn’t going to help me find anything in the future though, since I don’t have any models in 3D Warehouse. It’s Kohler K-3053-8 Iron/Impressions vanity top with integrated sink.

Well, I get components when I search for Kohler Impressions so clearly the 3D Warehouse is working for me. If I try to search for Iron/Impressions or K-3053-8 there isn’t anything. That tells me that no one has created those components for the 3D Warehouse yet.

Maybe you could modify that 3051-8 to suit.

Hunting around on the Kohler site I see they offer a .skp file of the vanity top/sink to download.

I just downloaded it. At least I can go ahead with my drawing and figure out what is wrong later. If I can’t work it out, I’ll go back to version 2022.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with SketchUp 2023 or the 3D Warehouse UI. That sink just isn’t in the 3D Warehouse.

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this page shows your own models by the way. not a search.

right now it simply says you haven’t shared any or your models with the warehouse…