No model image previews in 3D warehouse

There are no preview images showing up in the 3D warehouse when I perform a search. When I first open the 3D warehouse all the images show up fine. I can download all the models no problem.

In client or browser?
If in client, what SU version?
OS Version?
Browser (IE/Safari) Version?

Sketchup 8, Windows 7 Home Edition, completely removed old version of IE
and installed IE 11. Didn’t help.

So you don’t get image in IE either? Hit F12 in IE on that page, and try to debug a bit. PM me if you need help.

If it’s OK in IE but not in SketchUp, see this thread about cookiejar.xml -

Hi sorry to bother but we have been using sketcup pro 8 with my wife and for some days now we open the 3d warehouse and it does not show the pictures and also it is very slow almost not working. We have IE11 installed. Dont knw what to do… We are located in Athens Greece

Having the same problem

SU 2013
Windows 7
IE 10
No images in warehouse search. Worked fine for the last year, but yesterday thumbnails stopped showing up and when I click on a model the download page has no image either. Works fine when I go directly to warehouse through IE.

same things happen here, how to do???request help

Update: Even though the thumbnail does not show on the search page or the preview on the download page, the download still works and the model comes into SU fine.

This is strange that so many people has the same problem and from couple of days we don’t have any constructive help in this subject. I’m working at SU 2013 PRO, browser- chrome, to last friday I have no problem with warehouse, now I don’t see any pictures of models. I’m talking about function “get models” in sketchup, no by the browser…

One thing that we’re looking into is the redirects somehow not working: SketchUp 8 and 2013 were still running on Google 3dwarehouse, and we’re relying on Google to redirect you to the new Is anyone seeing this on SketchUp 2014 or 2015?


@ewebewe_project have you tried by browser and does it work that way for you? If so that may be a work around.

Me and my friends who are working on sketchup, from couple of days can’'t see models 3d in warehouse, what is happening??? It is some global problem?? Help us please

This has already been asked in another thread, but with no solutions yet.

Hello @ewebewe_project The other thread that was mentioned [was this one.][1]

What web browser are you trying to open it up on? OR were you trying to download them from within SketchUp?

Also, you listed this thread in the wrong category, I am going to move it into the 3D Warehouse category.

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[1]: No model image previews in 3D warehouse

There are three threads on this subject.
“No Model Image Preview…” started 5 days ago
“Help!..” started 1 day ago
“Warehouse preview…” started 18 hours ago.
Is there a way to consolidate these under the “3D Warehouse” category.
Any more importantly, has anyone worked out a solution?

HI guys, i think most people might have this same problem and i ve seen similar posts but…

If i wanted to download a object from warehouse, The thumbnails wont show a preview image of it so im basically downloading blind.!

Im using skecth up 8 on a PC.

This has been asked on another thread with no apparent solution yet. Please check the other thread.

Hello all, I combined all the 3DW model image preview posts in this thread, so this is the “official thread”. Thanks !

@pault728, et al

We are trying to reproduce the problem. For now, if everyone who is having this problem could tell us if using 3D Warehouse directly (in a browser on the same machine) works, that would be good to know.