No Thumbnails in Sketchup Warehouse?

I’ve tried opening Sketchup Wharehouse on Chrome, IE and in SketchupPro 2017 itself (PC, Windows 10, 64-bit). I can’t see the thumbnails. Ive cleared my cookies on both browsers and restarted my computer. Any advice?

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I’ve encountered the same problem just now. Try to search model in 3dwarehouse, and no thumbnails shown.
Have also try to access 3dwarehouse on my mobile phone, experienced the same issue with the thumbnails.

This is what the search result page looked like.

Any advice with this issue?


Additionally, when going into collections - the models are either missing all together, or only a few are showing. The missing models aren’t even represented by the thumbnails.

I’m having the same problem. No thumbnails no matter what browser/computer I visit the warehouse from.

Actually I faced same problem too. I can see the thumbnails and lot of model which in collections gone. How can I fix it? Anyone?

Sorry for bad English.

I have the same problem. It worked yesterday evening. I also found simillar threat from 2015 No model image previews in 3D warehouse. If I understood it right, there was problem on Sketchup Providers side… (I mean not our computers, but some problem on theirs side)

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I’m pretty sure the problem is on their side so all we can do is just wait

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I am having the same problem. It must have just occured today. I hope it won’t take long cause I have some work to do :smiley:

Yup, we’re looking. Thanks for the reports.

Same problem here. Can’t see the thumbnails in 3Dwarehouse. If I open the object - the preview image is there. Cleaning the IE cache doesn’t helps.
Windows 7, 64-bit. SketchUp Make 2017.

Did you s Barry’s remark just before yours? It’s being worked on.

I’m successfully getting some to re-render. If you have an emergency (e.g. - showing these to customers), PM me and I’ll put them in the queue. In the mean time, we’re working on the cause, and I’ll put catalogs in the queue.

I have 450 around models, changes in tags may be affected in our 3d warehouse pages.

Hi Barry could you please look into this for us as we have customers that need these models. Thank you very much

Same here, tried Chrome, Safari and SketchupPro 2017 and the thumbnails are not loading. Hope this gets resolved asap.

The same here. I think sketchup’s server getting problem.

…and we’re back.


Super! Thanks for the effort!

yeaah, great! I was afraid it was gone forever at one point. Thanks!

same problem!