Problem 3D warehouse - Gray background

Hello the community,

To start, i’m from France, so sorry for my level in english :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have a problem in the 3D warehouse, when I’m looking for an element, the window displayed in transparent gray. I can do my research but I have very little result compared to usual…
The window displayed in gray only when I do a research.

Thank’s for you’re help !


I noticed that too. Note that typing in the search field still works in spite of the gray. However, it is irritating.
Your screen seems to show the internal browser in SketchUp. I noticed it in Chrome.
Did you notice that the page displays first results in the Products category. You will find more by clicking on the Models tab.

I wonder if it’s a server thing. I expect you and I would be accessing this from different servers. I just opened the Warehouse in both SketchUp 2020 and Chrome and get the normal appearance.

I get the gray down here at the bottom of the world.

I see the problem as well. The overlay doesn’t appear until you start to type your search words. It happens in any browser, Mac and Windows.

There are no page errors going on, so I think it’s intentional behavior, but perhaps the overlay is layered incorrectly, and is meant to be behind the search field and suggestions list.

Not sure who would be the right person to look at this, but @TheGuz will know.


@colin Yes, you have identified the problem ! It’s only when I start to type the search words…

And no error message :angry:

Thank’s @Anssi, I must now click on the Models tab when I’m looking for an object…
It’s new, no need to do this before :roll_eyes:

Previously there was a check box in the advanced search area, where you could filter things to only show models from manufacturers. Then a while ago that was change, to have a Products tab. You search for something and you would get all models returned, but you could click on Products to show the manufacturer models.

Something that has only just changed is that Products is first, and seems to be the default. That could be an issue, because most people are looking for any match, and not just brand name models.

@DaveR on Chrome I have the same problem

Pinging folks internally. However, my searches are about the same: note that the search may default to “Products”. Picking “Models” may give the numbers you look to as “usual”.

Thanks for reporting this all. We will push out a fix first thing in the morning. Sorry for the annoyance.


Agreed. But not quite as annoying as…

I thought I had my search too tightly filtered, but as I loosened up the search, things didn’t improve. Took me a while to notice the switch in tabs. When I did, I just figured that whatever it was I was searching for was only available as a “product” until it happened again. And again…:unamused:

I’m sure however, there are many more than not who will be very happy with that change.

Looks like things are fixed this morning.


Thanks @TheGuz !!! It’s ok :wink:

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