Search not working in 3D warehouse launched from Sketchup

I had this issue with 2015 and it never resolved itself and now in 2016 i still have it.

If I launch 3D warehouse from Sketchup (File>3D Warehouse>Get Models…) and try to search for anything, the window is unresponsive. Clicking on either the search button or simply pressing on the keyboard changes nothing. The mouse cursor does change from a pointer to a selection “hand”.

I can access the 3D warehouse from my browser (Chrome) and download models, and then import them into Sketchup as a workaround

I don’t see a hardware / OS in your profile. Sounds like something’s amuck in caching, and I’d clear browser cache. What happens if you go to advanced search?

Hmm, thought i put it in. Hardware is Lenovo Thinkpad E550 (I-7-5500U@2.4Ghz, Radeon R7 M260, 16GB RAM) Win7 64bit.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll try clearing the cache and reply. Having another issue now with crashing on launch (bugsplat) after updating AMD drivers.

Well, i got the AMD issue figured out (thanks to another thread on here :slightly_smiling:) and cleared my cache, but it still didn’t help.
I then uninstalled Chrome entirely and tried a search, It still did not work. Made the mistake of firing up Internet Explorer, (which i don’t use) to see if that would help (not sure if sketchup cared about default programs)and it didn’t work. I then reinstalled Chrome, Sorry IE.

However, thanks to your suggestion i tried the “advanced search” and that does work. I guess i’ll just use that.

And there is your problem.
Sketchup exclusively uses Internet Explorer no matter what your default browser of choice may be.
You must have IE up to date and working or it will never work for you.

Well that’s an unexpected dependency, taking into account Sketchup’s previous relationship. But eh…

I upgraded from IE 8 to IE11 and that indeed fixed the search problem. Thank You.

I can now search the 3D warehouse and use SketchUp for more than 10 minutes
without it crashing (AMD drivers conflict). Today is a good day.

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SketchUp uses IE on Windows machines because it’s included in the Operating system and they can count on it being there. The same for Safari on Mac. They can’t be sure you’d have installed Chrome.

You didn’t need to uninstall Chrome, though.