3DWarehouse differs between web and in Sketchup

I’ve been having real trouble with my 3D Warehouse online (via chrome or Edge/Internet Explorer) being different with my in SketchUp 3D Warehouse. I can “like” models and collections in both, but for some reason the information is not translated between the two versions of the Warehouse. I also can search in the online version of the warehouse and find the exact models I’m looking for, but if I type in the same search criteria through the in SketchUp browser I get wildly different results.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Are there suggested workarounds or fixes?

Thanks for any help you might give me!

Wow. Not sure how that can be. Are you sure you’re logged into the same accounts - which you have to do to Like something? There are 2 ways to search 3DWarehouse in SketchUp. File->3dwarehouse->Get Models or Window->Components. But they, along with the web, use exactly the same back-end search. Compare those two in-SketchUp searches, and do they return the same thing?

Personally I always search and download outwith SU: I find that clicking on the 3D warehouse within SU either refuses to load anything, only loads the first few models on the title page or simply doesn’t respond to searches. (…and [return] not working to automatically search really bugs me.)

The times I do get it to work, it’s waaaaaaay slower in pulling results than an external browser (I use Chrome)

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In that case there is something wrong with your setup that would be worth addressing.

I double checked that I’m logged into the same user profile. The image below shows the Warehouse in SketchUp next to the Warehouse in Chrome. There’s a very clear difference in what models are displayed.

As far as searching is concerned, if for example I search, the user VRAI, I get that users models in a Chrome search but not in a SketchUp search. Its very strange.

The issue gadget2020 is referring to is happening to a lot of users, me included. It occurs on my home computer as well as my office workstation where the internet is plenty fast, so I’m thinking there’s a bottle neck on the SketchUp side, maybe a firewall issue?

What makes you think they should be the same?? Are they not different search engines with possible slightly differences in search algorithms although I must admit I have not done any research in this area.:frowning:

Barry said it is the same back-end search engine…

But I think there are different options to be set as part of the user search. To profile the issue one must make sure you are comparing apples and oranges??. Which is basically what Barry is asking so sorry I just repeated his question and I just did quick search for Author VARI as noted and got different results. You have models , collections , etc plus advance options the user can set which will also return different results??
The OP states " wildly" different results how does one quantify a statement like that. Looking at what is presented I would not say that and I would not spend a lots of analysis time to even try variance or average comparison.

mac7595, you make a good point on the search results, however, if I searched for a model, for example “Bush 03”, in both the Warehouse webpage versus the SketchUp webpage I got slightly different results. I’m just saying it should look the same in both no matter where you search from since its the same search engine in the background.

All that said, I just went back and started searching again and everything seems to be syncing up again. I don’t know what was going on but it somehow resolved itself.

Ah, yes. Search is different than Likes sorting - sorry I didn’t pick up on that. I’m sporadically checking in here between work & meetings.

If you’re looking for instantaneous syncing, that may not happen. As it’s set up now, it will sync, but take a bit. It’s the same kinda thing after you upload a model, that you don’t instantly see your model thumbnail, the WebGL version, and other conversions. It takes a bit.

No worries Barry, no rush to respond. I don’t expect it to sync immediately, but the collections were “liked” some time towards the end of last week, which is why I was concerned something was wrong. I expected them to sync up a little sooner than that, but I’m glad things are finally up and running.

This is still happening for me… I have repeatedly seen this very slow response too. I am yet to upload and share anything to the warehouse and only use it at the moment to search for aspects of a model I am making at the time.

I think there were two issues to address in the OP’s first post. It seems there were responses referring to the syncing of the two access methods after uploading something (web browser and inside SU) and separately, another issue about the general slow response - pointed out by gadget2020 - it being that sometimes, perhaps for hours on end for me, I just can’t get the ‘inside SU warehouse’ to work at all. It’s a pain in the bum to be honest, because you can’t load directly into sketchup from the web browser version (or can you?).

(I was going to start a different thread with the subject something like 'Inside SU 3D Warehouse very slow response)

So what is causing the slowness?.. Can this be resolved?

You can confirm that, if in fact you’re on Win7, that you’ve upgraded to IE 11. Do that first and we’ll go from there.

HI thanks for the response. Yes I am on Win 7 Home Premium and I have IE 11 installed but use Google Chrome for browsing. Does choice of browser affect performance of inside SU warehouse?


Is it possible to solve this conundrum? Each time I want to use the 3D Warehouse or the Extensions warhouse, I have to go to an outside browser. I can’t log into 3D Warehouse within sketchup

Yes, SU only uses IE or Safari to access the internet.

So if you are having issues the first thing to do is update IE and Clear its Cache and check the security settings.

Your default choice of browser is irrelevant.

I think I read somewhere here that clicking on the house icon in the window should get you properly authorized and the problem should go away.


you can also search forums for removing cookiejar.xml and session.dat, and as @Anssi points out, login via the lower left icon in the SketchUp Window for a PC issue we’ve observed.