Can somebody try to open a warehouse item in brave browser?

I seem to be having issues when I’m in my tray and would like to use the ‘View in 3D Warehouse…’ option.

So for example: ‘Zip R Sheathing 4x8’ by Conrado A. will open by browser and go to

and inside the search says ‘4x8 osb is:downloadable’
and thats it.

I turned off brave shields, same issues.

Would somebody mind giving it a try when you get time?

works fine in firefox. not your link, but going to the warehouse and typing your query.
(I know. you asked for brave. But checking in other browsers can help pinpoint the problem)

edit : also, please go introduce yourself. we’re not just the helpdesk, we’re a community of people :wink:

Right; it works when I type it manually also.
I meant specifically when you use the “View in 3D Warehouse option”
Its not a big issue, I was just curious as to why its not working or if it was me.

Thanks either way.

Here’s a screenshot also-

honestly, don’t use that side panel as a 3d warehouse; it’s obsolete. it’s your component panel, nothing more.

go to window/3d warehouse to have the actual experience, not the “designed in 2004 and half broken warehouse the size of a credit card”.

It doesn’t work in Edge or Brave for me

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I wonder why Edge and Brave don’t seem to support that feature when other browser do. Clearly the 3D Warehouse is serving up the content.

Doesn’t work in firefox either.

I don’t think SketchUp passes over the queries that the new 3D warehouse needs to know in order to show something (models/products is not selected)

This whole function is a bit flakey, it doesn’t work at all in other areas. Probably has been left by the wayside as it’s not really a great way to access 3Dwarehouse

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Ok that starts to make sense.
Thanks for taking the time. :+1: