Ability to Read and or Review Comments on Models

I have posted quite a few models to the 3D Warehouse and I only recently noticed that many of the previously submitted models have received a number of “likes” and multiple comments, but there is no obvious method for reading or retrieving comments offered by other participants, even when logged in to the 3dwh site. I am attempting to review comments only on models designed by me or developed under my supervision as part of my professional portfolio. How can these comments be accessed by the author of a model?

In you profile, you can be notified via email (privately) about these if you check the checkbox.

Thanks for getting back to me @Barry, but I think I previously checked the boxes required for getting notifications through this forum and none of the preferences appear to address receiving responses on items submitted to the 3D Warehouse.

The attached image shows the boxes as I left them. Is there some other location where such a preference needs to be indicated?

@Barry is referring to your 3D Warehouse profile not your forum profile.
When you sign in to the Warehouse on the top of the browser is a dropdown near your name that lets you access certain things, one of them is your profile in which you can edit the notifications.

OK, I may just be too dense to understand, but I checked my 3dwh profile before posting the original comment yesterday and it certainly seems that I have done all I can to check the right boxes, and none of the information addresses how to access comments from other users. I have received the emails notifying when someone likes the models or if someone comments on the model, but the comments are not reflected in the emails. A snapshot of checked boxes in the 3dwh profile is included here:

What am I missing?

Are the comments not showing below the models?

To state the obvious, I have seen no comments at all on any of the models I submitted to 3dwh, which is why I am posting this. It sure seems as though something is amiss, through no fault of my own.

You are right, I can’t explain it.
I can see that there have been 26 comments made on your Iowa Avenue Townhouse but they aren’t visible.
I don’t use the warehouse so I can’t check if mine is the same.

Well, thanks for the confirmation anyway. It’s not of paramount importance, but it is desirable to receive constructive evaluations, be they positive or not so positive.


Perhaps the last update broke them ?

I don’t see anything broken. I speculated if people think that they have 100+ comments on their models when it says “100 comments” inside my comment card. That means that *** I *** have made 100 comments on various models, not that the model has 100 comments. You can be emailed when you get a comment, and I verified that’s working.

Thanks. I also confirmed that comments are being received now.

(Sound of palm smacking embarrassed forehead.)

[quote=“DanRathbun, post:13, topic:21886”].
Sound of palm smacking embarrassed forehead.

That was me making that noise!:open_mouth:

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I’ve fwd’d to our UI folks so we can consider communicating this clearly.

Yea, it is a strange feature.

(rhetorical) Why would readers care how many comments each commentator has made elsewhere ?

We expect (from using a multitude of other websites with lists,) to see number of comments in the list and/or number of commentary pages.