Ability to Reply to Comments, and a Cancel Button

So, one thing that popped up in the update to the 3D warehouse, was that I was no longer able to reply to comments. Will this feature be re-added in upcoming updates, or is this feature in the trash? Also, when I accidentally clicked on the “post comment” button on a model, it gave me the dialog, as normal, but it took me a little while to find the X in the upper right corner. I think what would be better is a “cancel” button below the “post” button.

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Umm… (Where is the 3DWarehouse section of the forum? I am still not an expert in this forum :grimacing:)

When you create a new topic, use the category dropdown to choose the appropriate category. If I can count “3D Warehouse- Feature Requests” is the 11th item down the list.

Did the OP’s question get forgotten about in all the moving around?

Not only is the “reply” feature gone, I discovered tonite that there is now a character limit on comments in addition to the character limited that was implemented a few weeks ago for model descriptions.

So, with all the “upgrades” and “improvements,” we now:
1. don’t see [initial] upload dates anymore -
*Makes it easy for credit thieves
2. don’t see who liked our models
*It was nice to see that list down the side, but I guess all good things eventually come to an end
3. have limited descriptions
*I’ve about given up on them. Only way to make a decent line about your model you have to do it in text speak
4. have limited comments
5. no “reply” feature for comments
*How does someone who took the time to comment on your model know that you replied?? I used to get email notifications when someone replied to a comment. How is that possible now when all anyone is able to do is comment?

Those are just the things I know of - there may be more - sooner or later.

These all seemed like little things…

I was a bit disappointed to discover these issues. However, I am still glad that Forums sends email notifications about replies to posts. I’m sure somebody will fix this at some time soon…

In reference to the inability to specifically reply to a comment left on your model - I “replied,” so-to-speak to a comment a warehouser left on one of my models just in case he happened by again and saw my response. I got an email that I had commented on my model. So I think that pretty much verifies that people who leave comments will never know the person replied unless they make it a point to check back occasionally.

Go figure…

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