Please re-introduce Reply Button in comments section and remove the character Limitations from Description

Hi, Once again,

If this topic has Closed already that I’m gonna discuss, so I’m gonna re-opening it cuz this topic shouldn’t be closed as this is important for us, Okay so I’m here to discuss a thing is that the reply button which is necessary thing for us, Secondly, a limitation of 1000 words description which is not good fur us, so I request you to remove such typo limitations and re-add the reply button so I can be touched with other users even to those who don’t have any contact source even enabled emailing and allow us to write descriptions indefinitely. Thanks.

The Trimble team found that the comments and reply feature of the 3DWarehouse was being overwhelmed with irrelevant spam. So, they temporarily disabled this feature while they search for a way to block out spam, especially from automated sources. They’ve said they recognize the value and need and will restore it when they find a solution, but for now it’s gone.

Okay I got it, the comment section thing, now what about the Description thing? the limitations of 1000 words? same or different reason to do? @slbaumgartner

There were users posting extremely long descriptions with a seemingly endless string of useless tags. I believe that was part of the reason for limiting the length of the description. Frankly, if a component or model in the Warehouse had a description longer than the currently allowed length, I’d bypass it. There’s no reason why a component or model would need to have a story written about it.


You have the URL as well, which says “Provide a URL with more information about your model”, so if you’d like to add a War and Peace url, go for it.


Well thanks for this @DaveR you put limitations because sometimes you people may profound plagiarism too(copy-pasting materials from other sources and claiming your ownership) according to me, I suggest 2000 or 3000 characters or in between to them but not more than to 3K. On the other side, I found some users who wanted to share his/hers thoughts in their own words about the model, for example My sister did a content writing job in 2016 via freelancing and wrote articles for 2000 or 3000 words(outside example).

and one more thing @DaveR and @slbaumgartner and @Barry , I also wanted the removal of URL Box thing because we have more than 1 URLs to present to credit or to refer a real thing if we made a 3D model of it for better understandings, yes we do have 2 or 3 or more URLs to provide but there is only 1 URL box we see when we edit our models via warehouse See the Image:

I just wanted to disable this URL Box thing forever from warehouse because this sometimes disturbs, as the thing happen with me in 2016 when I began browsing my models that I made in 2015, I see that the URLs had been automatically removed for no reason and without any modifications, so I re-added the URLs in description box as well as to its own box as well and this happened with all of my car models including Toyotas(not including Lexuses). there are several models where I put URLs in to avoid to put descriptions sometimes(mostly the links are from Wikipedia). Simply We have description box to add URLs and tags as I’m thankful for hashtag feature since introduced.

So, Comments(as you said temporarily disabled due to spams), Cleared
Descriptions, cleared, statements and suggestions given.
Now URL thing we have to look at this … Hmmmm. well what you say? your turn…

I didn’t put any limitations on the 3D Warehouse. I don’t have that kind of power so quit blaming me. I only told you that if I came across a component or model that required such a long description such as the one you show in your screen shot, I’d move on and wouldn’t bother even looking at the file.

As for the URL box, you don’t have to use it.

Considering that you are using SketchUp Make, you don’t really have any reason to complain. You’re using this all for free.

@DaveR Hey, Hey, Hey, no, no, no Not Blaming man not blaming anybody, Just shared my views and seek for the solution if felt difficulty anywhere and forward to other fellows in future, and tagging users means alerting to those users upon the recent replies at this wall.

you put limitations because sometimes you people may profound plagiarism

here, the Terms You and People refers to Team as per this: The Trimble team found that the comments and reply feature of the 3DWarehouse was being overwhelmed with irrelevant spam, Line from the above message. Well, Thanks for the response.

A big part of the updates come from the requests we get for iPads and mobile, so we had to build a responsive site that’d work on all devices. Now we could just clip descriptions based on screen size, and there are lots of other tricks. But in the end, we’re a visual product. People want to see things and communicate more with pictures than with words. If SEO is the goal, the big search engines are good enough at ignoring cruft that being wordy isn’t going to help.

As always, thanks for the feedback.

@Barry Yes,

Even when we scroll a page or article, we do scroll it too much and that process resulting in such buttons and icons got pressed what we don’t wanna use or stops such process of on-running apps this happens to me too and my phone apps got stopped working even dialer app then I did a factory reset then the reset process resulted in hangings so then I reinstall mobile software by flashing my whole phone, Not warehouse, also other websites this thing happens, that Long description thing of more than 1000 Words sometimes.

Anyways, if anybody does the trick of inspect element thing, can it be considered as a breach of character limitations (even continuous usage)? one last thing I wanna know here.