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This may be insignificant to some, but there are Warehousers that like to write decent descriptions for their models, and there are those who like to read those descriptions to learn how a model came about or what the creator of a model was thinking or intended or where their ideas came from. Is there any way to return to us the ability to create paragraphs? I mean, really, were paragraphs strapping the system that bad? There is nothing worse than reading something that goes on and on and on with no breaks other than the occasional period or comma or other punctuation (maybe) to help guide the reader, keep things in context, cut down on confusion and doesn’t make you feel like your stuck in an ever-spinning revolving door that doubles as an out-of-control elevator that is barrelling at a break-neck speed down, down, down a never-ending shaft to h…

This example, like a bad pun, was intended.

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I’m going to guess they’ve switched to a Markdown based text handler, MD has many advantages but requires a double return between paragraphs.
Any existing text that doesn’t have a double return between paras will cause the individual lines to run together.
The warehouse will have to be a database driven affair so it shouldn’t be too hard for someone there to knock up a recursive script to go through fields like the description and change hard returns to 2x hard returns…… if … they deem it necessary.

Howdy! Would you mind sharing a link to an example?

I barely use 3DW but I went to one of the 1st items that popped up when I browsed:

Here’s another example:

Nope…I tried everything I could think of, including double returns. I even tried single and double returns while holding the shift key as you can do that with some editors.

The two examples @PaulRussam has offered is spot on. Except for the one liners, and those who ran everything together themselves …all the descriptions are just long paragraphs from the first word to the last, on both sides of the Warehouse - Products and Models