What's new with 3D Warehouse - August wrap up

Following our first full month of transitioning to the new 3D Warehouse, we have received some great feedback from you and have made some progress with addressing the bugs and feature requests we have received. As we wrap up the month of August, we wanted to run down some of issues we have addressed or are addressing currently. Please let us know how we’ve done and what else we might consider to improve 3D Warehouse in the future.

Here’s the list:

  1. Bring back “Relevancy” search filter - It is back on the sort menu. That being said, we have also discovered an issue with the heuristic approach we had implemented and are updating that shortly. Stay tuned for an update there.

  2. Related models & collections - We heard your requests and the work to restore it is currently in progress. We should have it back by the second week of September.

  3. Tags not Layers - Someone had caught the fact that we failed to update the model details pages to update the word “Layers” to be “Tags” so that it matches the change in SketchUp.

  4. Keep the 3D Warehouse window open in SketchUp - Research is currently being conducted on the best way to allow your browsing session to remember where it was when downloading models inside of SketchUp. This was a pretty common request and it is something we plan to address in September.

  5. Keep Filters open - We are still looking at possibly solutions here. Yes, there is the “just don’t close it” solution, but that may not meet most people’s needs. Right now we are testing shortcut keys in 3D Warehouse. If you are not in a text entry box and hit the letter “f”, the filter box should slide out. Let us know if this is useful and if we should add more.

  6. Maintaining the selected language - Currently in testing, this should help with retaining your preferred language selection when navigating between 3D Warehouse search and the User Content Manager sides of the platform.

  7. “Something doesn’t look right” errors - These were showing up in the preview window for some models. Our system was registering errors unnecessarily. The fix here is currently in testing and should correct this issue.

  8. Changing sort breaks the search - This bug was reported by a few users, and is expected to be fixed by mid September.

  9. Images with file extensions in capital letters - It was reported that in SketchUp, doing an image search where the extension contained capital letters like .JPG or .Jpg or .PNG would be rejected with “The File Format is not allowed”. Fixing this in September. The work around is to rename the extension to all lower case like .jpg.

There are more items in the design and feedback phase, but it’s a bit too early to get into it right now. Watch out for the September wrap up when we’ll have more to share. If you have more requests or find more bugs please let us know here and we’ll work to get it done.



hahaha it’s been there since the switch, like a relic of a bygone era. We’ll miss you layers

yeah, I just saw that, nice, thanks ! :slight_smile:

edit :

the fact that relevance will give first results based on the name of the author ? as I show here ? a “man” search gives results from an account names “man” in first position

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ok, got one.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-31 à 00.55.22

to be able to sort by weight or polygon count.

Right now, we can filter by one or the other, but then the results are all over the place, and it can be hard to find actually lowpoly models. Sorting by polycount (or weight) could help.

quoting myself, searching for Guz in relevance will give me models by a guy named Guz (italian professor). However, searching by author’s name will give me… completely different results. and by file name will bring back another Guz in the early results.

The search tool is indeed in need of a rewrite.

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Excellent! Thanks again. UI/UX is in the middle of some design considerations for what you are talking about with relation to polygon count. Their is a huge opportunity for us to make searching and filters much more personalized, faster and intuitive. I’d love to schedule a call in late September for UI/UX to review some designs with you and get your feedback, if you are willing and have the time!

sure, if you can handeul maï aksent :slight_smile:

yeah, it was working, I was doing searches in french, then I just realised that my screenshots are in english. at some point, the warehouse decided to take a break.


that was already the case in the previous one. during classes, I would open / close it a lot, and at times it would just switch to english without asking. So not a fix, but a return to the former broken state :sweat_smile:

Hahaha :smile:
Testing and fix should be published next week. :crossed_fingers:

I´m just happy with the return of the 3D view feature, I don’t remember what was the last version before this one that had 3D visualization from the program, but its a very helpful feature.

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