3D Warehouse's newest features streamline model searches like never before

Question about the Popularity aspect:

I keep finding pages of models which are, essentially, the same model. Probably downloaded by bots or something, to boost rankings. Plants and trees are the common offenders, and they contain adverts or links to paid stores.

Could Popularity be filtered according to the Industry that we are in (you know, the one that sketchup asks us when we download a new version)? Is that data saved to our account?
So I’m in Architecture and i want to mostly see models downloaded often by architects.

pretty sure it’s just a statistics question

Works brilliantly. The reference image option is a game changer. I love it. Now for dark mode option for the. Sketchup UI :slight_smile:

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Well that was a little bit of an exaggeration on my part for effect :slight_smile: … but the real issue is the default search includes the entire description contents… when it should be just the title… to toggle the title only search you have to go into the filters section and then scroll down to the bottom to find the "titles Only " filter… This should be the default search criteria… along with Models … not products

and preferably the filters and sorting options could be more obvious and readily accessible

Nevertheless… I like the new UI, just searching is still hit and miss!

I still think a star rating for models would be worthwhile… maybe only only that privilege granted to top forum contributors…?

It’s true that I can’t even imagine who is making these changes. I have to say it’s really stupid. I can’t believe someone makes these silly things.

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I have the same opinion as you. The team of developers for the new 3Dwarehouse version may not be knowledgeable in the design field. The current version I see looks like a website from 2005. You guys did a terrible job. 3Dwarehouse is where we mainly look for models, material samples or sales products are not nearly what people look for the most. I think Pinterest does a great job of finding related images together. Then I hope 3Dwarehouse can do the same. Let’s take the models as the most interesting thing.

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The new design and options have some cool new improvements and some drawbacks. It’s a shame we could not have only gotten the improvements. The missing relevant models and the search including the entire description by default make the results sometimes widely varied and not helpful. But many search operations suffer from some form of this. The search filters would be better if I could lock them on as always available on screen left, instead of having to pull them back up for every new search. And the smallest file size I can filter for now is 5mb? that’s way to big I need smaller size filtering., how about a progressive scale 1mb, 2mb, 5mb 10,mb 25,mb or 50mb? Seriously either I’m about to use 500 of these things (plants, bolts, rivets, scaffold frames) and then I need it to be under 1mb, or its a hero focus unique piece and then I don’t care how big it is. I’m rarely saying well… 30mb is ok but 40mb is too big.

My biggest complaint is a very old and persistent one. Still, the window closes automatically whenever I download anything. WHY WHY WHY? Just leave the 3D warehouse window open, then I can navigate back to the search results and choose different similar models in the same search. As it is every time one downloads a model, the entire search history is lost, you have to start the search all over again. This is so time consuming and un-necessary, just leave the window open! I will close the window myself when I’m through using it.

As an example the Extension Warehouse does not do this annoying thing, open the EX warehouse, make a search, choose one of the results of the search and install it… the window is still open, the search result is still listed there with it’s history, one click back takes you to the original search results. Please make the 3D warehouse do this too. It’s been years.


Yes, I thought I saw someone addressing that :sweat_smile:

I’m guessing I understand that you thought the heuristic search model for “relevance” maybe needed / needs some work.

While we’re at it with making changes and fixes, a few more UI suggestions: reinstate the search bar (input field) at the bottom of the page, so as to not add needless scrolling. Others have already commented on this. I also agree that a default setting to search under models rather than products could be helpful (:

Other suggestion: when adding an item to a collection, combine “add to collection” and “create new collection” into one click called “add to collection”, and then move the “create new collection” button to be at the bottom of the list of your collections which pop up. More streamlined.

Hope that’s useful.

Either way, it’s so nice to see our issues actually being acted on by the team!

The current version I see looks like a website from 2005.

Erm, wut?

Here is an actual website from 2005 :joy:


Well, one is using 2021 but not the lastest update I think, so no 3DW, I had to send him to his browser.
By chance, he was the one not speaking english. chrome translated everything (sort of) for him.

Couple observations :

  • When you go to a product page, you don’t see the amount of downloads. Considering it’s sorted by popularity (=downloads) by default, it’s weird. ok, not really vital, but removing this number removes the logic behind popularity.

  • Layers. The page of any 3DW model still mention layers. or calques in french. a relic of the pre-covid eras.

  • the lack of distinction between verified and normal users. It used to be a √ next to companies name, telling you if you saw a product or a model. some companies have people’s name or weird acronyms, some people have company names (I’m AtelierNab, part of the problem)

also I agree with @endlessfix :

  • 5mb is a huge threshold. 1mb would be a better minimum I think, I see so many things at 3-4 that I wouldn’t use

  • the closing thing. I understand why it closes, so you can place the component. But maybe a third option beyond placing it and saving as ? something like “add to library” that would download it and add it to the component panel behind the scenes, allowing you to keep browsing ?

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The window does not have to close in order to place the component. When the user presses download simply shift, focus back to the SketchUp model and behave in the same way that it does now with the component attached to the cursor, but leave the warehouse window open.

oh yeah, you mean just go out of ficus in the background, I see. Yeah, makes sense.

he is good

Hi. Sorry for the late reply but I don’t get updates on the forum, sorry!

Well, no my Safari has not plug-ins and no extensions. I already cleaned caches dozen of times but nothing seems to work…
I agree with many here that claim its a bad design issue, both programming and graphic…

I’m finally following up on this…was hoping the problem was going to solve itself. I recorded a quick video showing the error messages that I keep getting when using image search in the 3D Warehouse. Hope someone can help me figure this out. I’m about to record videos for my fall quarter SketchUp classes and really want to show the students how this should work!

Thanks! Diane

Hoping to get someone’s attention to look at the issue above. Thanks!



check this

It could be a case sensitivity thing with chrome, who sees jpg and JPG as two different files. The warehouse in sketchup uses chromium, and you use chrome.
No idea why chromium does that in 2023 still, when al the other browsers I tried were fine with case sensitivity. Case sensitivity stopped being an actual issue what, a decade ago ? two ? but not for chrome I guess.

Simply renaming the files in lowercase should do the trick. no idea why some softwares still export files with an uppercase extension anyway.

No way can this even be serious. New 3D Warehouse is so bad…

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Hey Diane! If this is related to uppercase file extensions, we are working on that now along with some other things. What's new with 3D Warehouse - August wrap up

I’ll send you an email to see when we can talk next.