Cleaning 3D WH garbage

When will Trimble decide to do a big cleanup of all the garbage in 3D Warehouse, and insert filters that block the loading of new ones?


This is a good idea, but how do you think it could be implemented?

Can you please define - exactly - what the “garbage” means? Where and how should the boundaries - whether something is good or bad - be defined?

I don’t think that any AI robot can do as well as a HUMAN can (or at all). I guess there are not enough people and money to check every single content what the users uploading.

Or try go and convince people not to upload all that s…t . A beginner who has finally drawn something - which he thinks is good - proudly uploads it. But he has no idea that it’s bad.


Good suggestion @E-Farm, we do get a lot of uploads and some of them are less than ideal models. Calling it garbage though might be a bit too far. Some models are definitely in that category but others that may seem like that might be a first time user trying to back up their files and not understanding how 3DWH works. My first models were not that great.

We could theoretically go through the entire 3DWH and manually review each and every model to determine if it is a “good” model but then we start running into human bias and the time requirement to do that would be very high, even for a team. Alternatively we could rely on an AI to do it, but an AI has bias too depending on the programming it has and the data we trained it with and some good models will get removed by the AI if we let it go on the 3DWH without strict supervision. That leads us back to a time commitment for a team to oversee the AI’s work. Not to mention the development cost of an AI too.

With all that said, my suggestion to you would be to make sure you are using the filters in your searches for now and to start using the “like” function to help good models and authors to stand out from the less than ideal models on the 3DWH. Maybe someday we will have a better system.


Thanks for posting @E-Farm. I’m also interested in understanding your definition of “garbage” and how it impacts your use of 3D Warehouse. For example, does it take you too long to sift through search results to find what you want? Is it unstructured, low-performing, or derivative models that congest your search results or is the problem more about incomplete, erroneous, and/or misleading metadata associated with the models? Could everything be solved with a better “relevance” algorithm without removing or hiding any data?

I have the impression that some of these answers are just polemical. A child who opens 3dwh looking for any object will see many totally useless ‘models’ appear. And by useless, I mean that no one would ever have the interest to download and use them (cars made with 367 edges). Uploaded by users who probably just wanted their own online creation, or who did an upload test. A filter? A car cannot have 367 edges including wheels. If for you such an object is not rubbish, you are very eco-friendly. Why not include an option in 3dwh that allows users to report a model they consider rubbish (I specify that cleaning 3dwh from similar models would greatly improve its usability and reputation). Of course, the reports should be verified by a human, pending developments in artificial intelligence. If a user were to report models as rubbish, just because he is childish, he will be blocked from making other reports. If I load a model, I have to indicate a category, and if a car has less than 50,000 edges, the system rejects it. If I declare a false category, because I’m an idiot and I want to be smart, at the first report I will no longer be able to upload any models for a year. If you ask me for a ‘politically correct’ method, I don’t have it and I find it useless: a private company has every right to filter who, how, and what at its own discretion. But in all this, I believe that most users have common sense, and would contribute to improving the library, little by little.


IMO, if there are limits, they should be different. I would reject any entourage model (car, plant, human…) with MORE than, say, 10 000 edges. Every day on the forum we hear from people who manage to kill their models by importing bloated things from the Warehouse.


There are currently 4 283 334 models on 3DWH. (Constantly increasing)

If a team of 10 members checks 100 models per day per member (that’s 12.5 models per hour) - considering 8 hours per day and 250 days in a year work - the check takes only ~16.2 years.

We haven’t talked about the amount of models uploaded per day, and about the categories yet:
600 187 Products
373 Catalogues
843 398 Collections
15 426 517 Materials


If users can flag innaprioriate user comments here why can’t we flag innapropriate models on 3D warehouse ?

And what is inappropriate? The example in E-farm’s post is a case in point. Yes, it is childish, but I have myself made a couple of even simpler car models with more realistic proportions that I use to illustrate large car parks. They are not meant to be viewed from near. And for other purposes, too, I try to use as generic entourage as possible. I hate architectural renderings that look like car sales brochures, with the emphasis on quite the wrong things.


You can!


Well there is answer then :slight_smile: Report them…

Same thing here. Even yesterday I made a tuktuk and a (vacuum excavator) truck to ilustrate on a ramp.
(Non profit little project in Burkina Faso I was asked for to ilustrate a solution, nothing fancy)
Both vehicles are only 7 edges and 2 faces.

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First of all i agree there are tons of models that ar not usable for me and many other modellers, but what is garbage?

you model trees only? someone else might consider this garbage since he/she/it only models stone bricks.
you model stone bricks only? someone else might consider this garbage since he/she/it only models trees.

you only want to use models with 1000+ edges for your 1:1 renders,and consider models with less edges garbage?
what about the models with 100 edges for renderings at 1:10000? should they consider models with 1000+ edges as garbage since they can not use those time consuming overdetailed models?

sketchup is a 3d modelling software, should all 2d models be considered garbage and be removed?

again, what you consider garbage might be a treasure for someone else.

so again, what is garbage?

Also, after you report garbage. will the original uploader get informed one (or more) of his/her/its models are reported as garbage? wil they get the opportunity to contest the report? improve the model since it is/was a work in progress? since they are only 4 years old and want to learn the program and usage of the 3dwh? etc? enz!

it’s easy to say “do this”, but “how to” is often not that easy :wink:


Working with a client yesterday . On the 3dwh… downloaded a model and jewizz. I said to.myself
Why o why cant this be taken down.

I then had to spend a sufficient amount of time teaching how to clean up this model and why.

Can we have a fresh call for content developers to get together and clear out the "%£%&@

Hi Jamsog, thanks for the post. As has been expressed previously in this topic, the simple fact of the matter is that the hours required to audit the 3DWH would be a massive commitment for Trimble. In addition to that, we would need to define what is “garbage” and what is not. Human bias comes into the equation too and AI would be unreliable in the matter as it too has a bias depending on the programming it is given and the data it is trained on.

If you have found a model that is inappropriate or something that violates our terms of service, you are welcome to report it, but as it stands, you are better off teaching your clients how to identify what is and is not a good model.


There are enough websites with 3d material. If you want the better models you pay a little and there you go. I see the warehouse as a place where you can get the models that don’t require to much detail. I use it a lot, but when I need a good car for example I go to one of the 3d-model providers.

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I almost never use the 3DWH cause most of the models that are supposed to be simple assets are extremely heavy and over detailed, you can find door locks with millions of entities where every single part was modeled with a high amount of geometry, I recently fixed a model with a lot of objects downloaded from the 3DWH, it had curtains with almost 10000000 entities, it was absurd.
For rendering I always use proxys either from the enscape or the vray library, and if I can’t find the object I need I use to model with a high level of detail and then I convert it into a proxy using Vray.

For models that I don’t need to render I have created my own low poly but good looking library of assets, through the years I’ve created hundreds of models that are ready to use in my designs, I’m very proud of my library, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort in it, and I’m not planning to upload it to the 3DWH or even any other platform to sell them, they’re part of my designs and I don’t want them to be used by anyone.


A car model can have that many edges and is not rubbish for someone who wants a low poly model that doesn’t bog down a larger model. Filtering this out would not improve anything, because efficient models are anything but rubbish.


SketchUp is used by a wide range of people including young children. The 3D Warehouse has always been available to all users. There’s never been any intent to prevent users from uploading their models to the warehouse based on someone’s subjective determination of quality. There are filters available to help limit the models that are presented. Use those along with things like comments and the number of likes a model has to help judge whether it suits your needs or not. Who is qualified to make the determination of which models are garbage and which aren’t? One person’s garbage may be another person’s treasure.

ETA: Personally I don’t use components and models from the 3D Warehouse in my work. For most it my work no one else has modeled the components I need in my models. In the few cases where there may be a component I might use, I find I can generally model it the way I want it faster than I can make what someone else modeld work for me. I also just don’t expect others to do my work for me. But that’s just my workflow and I’m not judging others for their choice of using the content from the Warehouse.


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