Inappropriate material in warehouse?

Hi folks,

I just stumbled across a collection of images/models in the warehouse that are pretty degrading to women. Or at least more misogynistic than the usual garden-variety-sexist female figures that I often find in the warehouse.

I haven’t submitted any of my own work to warehouse so I am unacquainted with the house rules for uploaded material. Where can I find the house rules?
And if these models do break house rules, what should I/we do about it?



You can flag those, and fill in a report with the reason.


Well done for your eagle eye.

Just a historical note: I’ve conversed with one such author, who was a woman, developing video game characters. Her comment (I’ll paraphrase and not get it 100% verbatim) was that she was fixing some of the more degrading things on other sights to at least make reasonably acceptable models. I just checked her models now, and she’s made all her work in the past year private. So while I’d agree with @NickyC on the surface, it’s good to understand the full context. The idea of our forums and Discourse in general (maker of our forum software) is civil discourse. And while that’s hard in 2020, you can google the youtube videos from Jeff Atwood and Discourse to understand what the goal is.