Having problems uploading a clean file


Trying to upload for the first time, using a fairly simple model (US 220v outlet). Each time I access it afterwards, I find that the 3D view (that you can rotate after its brought up) acts like its a lot bigger and swings around a center that seems a few ‘feet’ from the model itself. When I download it, it comes with some garbage dots and dashes about that far from the model, and they’re grouped with the outlet. I exploded the group and used my cursor to hi-light the garbage to delete it, but as soon as I release the mouse button from hi-lighting, the garbage disappears.

I have tried to upload both with and without excluding the unused materials, surfaces, etc., and have also double-checked to make certain (with ‘zoom extents’) that there is no junk in my file before uploading.

There must be some trick to this or something I can’t find in the Help System. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! -Mbewley59


Go to View menu, turn on hidden geometry and you should be able to select and delete the junk.