Components on 3D-Warehouse not showing correctly



Help = I uploaded a few components on 3D-Warehouse and they are not showing correctly.
They are Zoom out a lot. Check them out on my profile.

How do I fix this???


Use Zoom Extents so the model fills the frame before you upload it to the warehouse. I downloaded one of yours, hit Zoom Extents and then uploaded it. It looks like this after processing.

By the way, why do you have this drawn off axis? And what’s the p[ink box at the bottom?

Looking at your models it appears you’re new at SketchUp. Keep plugging away.

And another example.

It’s a perfect illustration of GIGO.



I am new to this, my first uploads. Are you a Pro? Question= is there a particular job for such work??? I’m making these doors, windows, etc… for my own house that I plan to building in future. But if I have good skills over SketchUp can I make money??? any idea how?


drawn off axis
yeah I forgot to fix that part, I’ll do that. I made a Living room like a diamond shape and the wall is in that direction so the frame had to be drawn off axis.

It’s a perfect illustration of GIGO.

Did you just call my work “Garbage”!?!
Yes I am new, a month or two. and what is the problem anyway =). And that pink box is a concrete wall. Basically it needs to be strong because of the load of the aquarium and water.

Feedback is good, I do need to add details / I would have I did had this zooming issue. and what do you mean by (Keep plugging away.)??? Oo


No! Not at all. The point is, this is computer stuff. You get back what you put in.

“Keep plugging away” means to keep working at it. It’ll come.


We made a series of videos on how to make good 3DWarehouse models: