3D Warehouse's newest features streamline model searches like never before

The window does not have to close in order to place the component. When the user presses download simply shift, focus back to the SketchUp model and behave in the same way that it does now with the component attached to the cursor, but leave the warehouse window open.

oh yeah, you mean just go out of ficus in the background, I see. Yeah, makes sense.

he is good

Hi. Sorry for the late reply but I don’t get updates on the forum, sorry!

Well, no my Safari has not plug-ins and no extensions. I already cleaned caches dozen of times but nothing seems to work…
I agree with many here that claim its a bad design issue, both programming and graphic…

I’m finally following up on this…was hoping the problem was going to solve itself. I recorded a quick video showing the error messages that I keep getting when using image search in the 3D Warehouse. Hope someone can help me figure this out. I’m about to record videos for my fall quarter SketchUp classes and really want to show the students how this should work!

Thanks! Diane

Hoping to get someone’s attention to look at the issue above. Thanks!



check this

It could be a case sensitivity thing with chrome, who sees jpg and JPG as two different files. The warehouse in sketchup uses chromium, and you use chrome.
No idea why chromium does that in 2023 still, when al the other browsers I tried were fine with case sensitivity. Case sensitivity stopped being an actual issue what, a decade ago ? two ? but not for chrome I guess.

Simply renaming the files in lowercase should do the trick. no idea why some softwares still export files with an uppercase extension anyway.

No way can this even be serious. New 3D Warehouse is so bad…

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Hey Diane! If this is related to uppercase file extensions, we are working on that now along with some other things. What's new with 3D Warehouse - August wrap up

I’ll send you an email to see when we can talk next.