Having Issues With Model Descriptions

After the latest update with 3D Warehouse, my model descriptions are now compressed together instead of being spread out and spaced apart like how it was before.

Also, every time I try to edit the description, it will not let me, stating that I have “0 characters left” for the description box. When I delete everything in the description, it then shows that I have “14304 characters remaining” for it.

Even when I want to uplaod a new model, it says I have “1000 characters left” when before the update, I could put in as many characters or words in the description as I want to.


What happened?

  • Does this mean I have to update the descriptions for all of my models?

  • The older version of 3D Warehouse never did anything like this, so why now all of a sudden?

The old 3D warehouse was just fine, especially since there were no character limits in anything except your Bio. The 3D warehouse is getting less and less helpful and practical. I’ve had to stick with shorter descriptions and fewer tags on my models since this change. It is very annoying, and I am wishing something would be done about it, but for the time being, I would just learn to live with this “injury”.

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The old tag system led to ‘abusive’ forms of tagging, I guess. The new form leads to a less abusive, more ‘social media’ kind of tagging. You can (hash) tag meaningful words in the description, rather then saving them up till the end.

With the right Hashtagged description, one could reach everyone ‘s need.

I’m not quite sure I understand the “abusive” part of this. What have you seen as a result of the tagging?

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When I look at the page in the 3D Warehouse I see your very long description and an vast number of tags which is the problem @MikeWayzovski is referring to. You’re one of the offenders. There’s no reason for that. Put those tags and the novel on your site that you linked to at the bottom.

While you’re at it, you should fix your models before you upload them to the 3D Warehouse. You have a lot of reversed faces that need to be corrected.

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It would help if you could tell me which of my models displays this, because I try to make my tags as relevant as possible. Also, that clip you have at the bottom is not my model, so I’m not exactly sure what it is you are talking about.

Very few people actually know me as a modeler, and I try to keep my models as clean as possible. I think you may have contacted the wrong guy, but send me the offensive URL so I can see what you are talking about.

This is my 3D Warehouse page:

Well, if that isn’t your model, someone has copied your description. This is part of the description from the Warehouse.

That’s the model I downloaded and made the screenshot from. If that’s not your file, your original post is confusing with that screenshot.

The new model descriptions does have a character limit. On legacy models they will remain the same but if you edit the model descriptions or upload a new one it will enforce the character limit. A few reasons for the change.

  • Fairness in terms of search quality. Every model will have the same character count going forward so that it encourages user’s to write better descriptions if they want their models found.
  • Reduce the number of abusers that would add really long descriptions or simply spam with hashtags to move their model up in the search results.
  • No one wants to read a story about a model. Keeping it short and descriptive should give enough info for your users along with model info specs.
  • Without rules there is chaos.

We’re also making other improvements to the warehouse in the future to improve the site quality for professionals. Stay tuned.


I didn’t write that. Are there other modelers who have Train Repair Guy as their username, because if so, they should be reported immediately. Could you send the screenshot I supposedly took, because I never posted anything about a city model, nor do I have any cities on my 3D Warehouse page. Post the links and screenshots you found, and I can help you.

I only searched for the model indicated in the first screen shot. It doesn’t have Train Repair Guy as the author. My apologies. I mistook you for the OP.

Where is the post located? I don’t believe I ever posted that image. What is an OP?

Original poster.

Unless you grew up in the 80s… In which case OP will always mean Ocean Pacific



People do feel that the rules are changing during the play, so they might be surprised and ‘offended’ by the change.

I am totally ears on that one!

I’ve seen your models, Train Repair Guy…and never saw the massive tags list as is in the OPs post - that OP being BlueCoreProductions. The screenshot in the OPs post is a Model by a warehouser that uses the profile name Yoshi Productions. Yoshi Productions is a NOTORIOUS tag spammer. In fact, if the OP is indicating that the included screenshots are representative of the problems he/she is encountering, then it is indeed Yoshi Prodcutions, and I’d say that person has little room to complain about what the latest Warehouse updates have done to their Model descriptions.

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I went and took a look at the model description of Yoshi Production’s latest model, and when I saw how much content was in that description, I just stared. It was dumbfoundingly long with about 1/3 of the description being nothing but tags (which explains why their model, completely irrelevant to my searches, always pops up). “Robope.com” (Do not click on this link) is another offender, being that their models contain unnecessary amounts of tags. Looking back on my page, I actually couldn’t produce as many tags as I’ve seen in a single model, because it’s hard enough coming up with 15, or so that are relevant to your model, but 100 tags… 150 tags… Nope. At that point you are just spamming words.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I am very thankful for all of your replies and answers, and I also wanted to say that I apologize for any mistake or problem I did to affect the SketchUp community in a negative way.

It would also be nice to some tips on reducing the descriptions to make the them look better and feel professional. I was not intending, or meaning, to spam tags. I did not have any malicious intent for having long descriptions for my models. It’s just that I usually make large models, and I thought it would be relevant to put tags for everything that is included in the model I upload. I guess I was completely wrong.

I did not know that I was an infamous user on the SketchUp community, and I would love to get this nickname removed from my account as soon as possible.

Sorry about anything I have done on SketchUp and the 3D Warehouse.

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BCP…the descriptions in your models are not so much the problem. The issue is when a person lists hundreds of tags like you had. When a person lists that many tags, that insures their model will appear in nearly any search (relevant or not) - which is fine if your model is what a person is looking for. But what if it’s not?

As a good example, if a person was looking for the Pokemon character, your model will appear in their search results. But at first glance, Pokemon is no where to be seen. A person would actually have to look thru the entire model before they found out that the character is not in the model - only a few Pokemon logos scattered about.

It’s obvious you put a lot of work into “Camellia City,” and no doubt want people to see your work. But in some ways you could possibly cause people to NOT check out your model(s) because they’re gonna be mad that, for lack of a better way to put it, you wasted their time.

You’d be better off using only relevant tags, and when people do come across your model, it will be because you used relevant tags, and there is a much better chance that your model will be in their search because your model actually contains something they might be looking for.


You may be wrong there. Humans are addicted to story. I like a little humanizing in the description, of the model and the modeler. We don’t need a novel, but tell us why you made this. My baby doll model doesn’t look like much until you read the description. It’s one of my more popular models (few as they are).

I get frustrated when there’s NO DESCRIPTION AT ALL (I know for some people, language may be perceived as a barrier, but that’s why there’s Google Translate). I don’t suppose there’s much sense in requiring a description; they’d just retype the title.

Just saying everybody’s not modeling nuts and bolts, or windows and doors, or anything else reducible to “specs.”