Massive Tag Abuse


I’ve noticed a recurring issue when searching for models in the Warehouse. For example, I was modelling a haunted house the other week. I searched for “old door”, but instead of getting door-related results, model after model after model of modern beach houses came up. After scrolling a bit, I could finally find relevant results.

I checked some of them and they all had hundreds (some into the thousands) of tags, even in the descriptions. Many of them had nothing to do at all with the models. The problem is… it’s more than one model, and more than one user (presumably the same person). To date, I’ve counted 4 different user names doing this.

Should I use the ‘report abuse’ option since there are so many? If so, should I report each user? It’s just really frustrating when you’re doing multiple searches and these same irrelevant ones come up over and over again…

Edit: Number of users I could find now up to 9…

Having Issues With Model Descriptions

Use report abuse button for the 4 users.