Any idea what is causing lowering of model downloads?

It seems that all of my door models have suddenly become persona non grata, other models not associated with doors seem to be downloaded on a fairly consistent basis.

I looked for similar posts, but didn’t find any.

There are WAY too many search tags attached to the model. Choose 5 good tags, please.

For example “sketchup” is frivolous as a tag.

Recently many users have been complaining about the misuse of tags, and wanting the ability to filter out models that use excessive numbers of tags. Perhaps they’ve listened and those with more tags are last ? Or perhaps those with more likes are listed first.

Perhaps it is as simple as the analytics only show stats up to 10k ?

It came up last in a search of the 3DW on terms “thick double glass doors”

Is the 5-tag limit a guess on your part, or a certainty?
I ask because some of my models might need a couple more tags.
And does this effect cease once I’ve edited the tags?

Don’t duplicate tags. We had complaints that people were trying to game the system instead of providing information and value. We had someone who put “door” in tags multiple times for a house that had nothing to do with doors.

Our suggestion: tag your model appropriately in a straightforward manner. Any attempt to do more than that and game the system will eventually lose out.


Neither. It is a general “web” suggestion, but it has been used as a built-in limit in the Discourse forum engine (used here,) as it is thought that a five level tag train would usually be enough for searching.

So just keep the number as concise as you can, and we’ll all benefit from faster 3DW search and load times. (Currently I find searches and page loading in the 3DW unbearably slow.)

If it were my model, I’d use:
door, double, glass, engraved, sketchup_logo
… and that would be it except perhaps one for either interior or exterior.

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