Conflicting Download Numbers

I sort of like checking to see if a model has been downloaded - I guess we all do. A little bit of ego?? LOL Because I have a few models that are associated with other related models, sometimes I like to see if interest/downloads of newly uploaded models have prompted renewed interest and downloads of some of my older models.

This evening, I went into the stats of one of my older models to see if that was the case. In doing so, I immediately noticed that the number of downloads on the model page did not match the number of downloads on the stats page. After looking at the rest of my models, I found that the discrepancy in downloads information exists on all my models now.

Have the number of downloads as seen on the model page been reduced because some of those downloads were perhaps SU8 and older downloads? Or is the higher number of downloads reflected on the stats page due to the new ability to download materials?

This has already been reported in at least 4 threads (your’s is the 5th.)

Issues for Warehouses, go in category: Technical Problems > Warehouses
(I’ve moved your post there.)

Here is a search on that category:
Forum Search: tag:tallies category:57

I searched for “download stats,” not “tallies” or things “out of whack,” or [3D Warehouse] “skrewy.” My bad for having skimmed smooth past a couple of thread titles (with these terms/phrases) on the issue.

Thank you for the link to the existing threads.

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I’ve added “downloads” and “stats” tags to all of the threads.

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