3D warehouse - strange "downloads" counting

Started the topic a week ago on https://blog.sketchup.com/article/3dwarehouse-materials and was required to move here.

In the last period, (since the launch of the new “grab materials” feature ?), there is something wrong with the count numbers for “downloads”. First I noticed the “phenomenon” last Thursday (May 18) on a group of models I follow: the total number of downloads on that group was significantly lower than the day before.
The easiest way to observe it is by uploading an “attractive” new model and watching the “downloads”: initially the counter goes up but after a while it jumps back to “0” then “reloads” a few units and goes down again …

At this time the strange behaviour is still there both for newly uploaded and older models: the counter records some downloads and a bit later it “resets” to the “initial” value - anyone has some explanation? Thank you.

Latest :slight_smile: graph says 6 downloads, summary on the right “0”


Similar issue here.
This is a brand new model that I uploaded last night, and at one point the downloads counter showed one or two downloads shortly after the upload, then those numbers changed back to zero.
The statistics counter currently shows 9 downloads, yet the main counter shows zero…as well, the component counter shows zero, but I know there are seven or eight of them in that model.
And I can assure you I wasn’t sitting here clicking download nine times, so…what’s up?


There is a couple of other threads on this topic. I agree it’s odd but is it really a big deal?

Apologies, I saw this was a recent post and since it mirrored my own…

As to whether it is important, yes and no.
It’s not like my job or career is dependent on my use of 3DW, but when it comes right down to it, having others play, reverse engineer and just improve on models I post, holds a considerable sense of satisfaction (that usage is reflected in that counter). If posting and having others do that with my models was truly unimportant, I could do with just leaving the models on my local or cloud drive.
The most popular model I have, seems to be shorted 367 downloads (dependent on which counter is actually true)…that’s a a bigger issue just just one or two short.
Like you say, it IS a bit odd, especially with the counter increasing, then decreasing download counts.


@DaveR, I’ve never looked at my download count, but I imagine that some might care, such as manufacturers or retail catalog companies on the 3DWH such as Wayfair. They might want to know which types of products are being downloaded more than others to inform their future component creation strategies. Those metrics are only helpful if they are reliable.
Sorry, I wish I had a solution to this, @Lorand, but it’s probably something only a SketchUp employee could answer.

Updated article above.

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