Odd tallies in the 3D Warehouse

Just uploaded another model to the 3D Warehouse, and noticed something odd with the tally of views and downloads. See the attached screen grab. The graph shows 2 downloads and 8 views, but the panel on the right shows 5 downloads. I hope the Warehouse hasn’t been infected with the make-believe math of the Trump budget proposal.
Seriously, I’ve noted similar mismatched tallies for some of my other models. Must be a bug in the calculator somewhere.


Have you ever updated the model? I’m thinking one counter might be reset on every model change while the other isn’t. Just thinking out loud.

No, this was for a brand-new model.

try Safari, Firefox may to be missing detail…


I could try Safari, but I find it a pain to switch browsers. Besides, Firefox has worked just fine for me for years. I’m actually not looking for a fix; I’m just curious why the tallies have suddenly gone slightly haywire.

updated Statistics still wrong in 3D Warehouse - #5 by Barry

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