3D Warehouse screwy?

Anybody else notice this? It coincides with the tweaks that took place.
Since yesterday, the download totals for each model vary, in some cases, between the posted totals and the ones that can be read from the graphs. Also, some posted totals diminished right after the event.


Here’s one:

There’s more…

The listed downloads came from a day or two earlier. 1-1.5% is not a bad % though. While we’d like this to be counted exactly and displayed from exactly the same time, they aren’t yet. We have been working on more features in this area for Building Product Manufacturers. If you’re interested in that, let us know.

No, it isn’t, but it was 0% until about 36 hours ago…
Just thought I’d see if anyone else had noticed.
Thanks for the reply.

Updated: Statistics still wrong in 3D Warehouse - #4 by davidheim1

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