Statistics still wrong in 3D Warehouse

The panel listing downloads of a model are still all wrong. The graph seems to be accurate (at least I hope it’s accurate, since it invariably shows more views and downloads than the panel). Is someone working to fix the statistics presentation?

(Moved to correct category. Added tags: “tallies”, “downloads” and “stats”.)

This issue has been report here multiple times. One of which you started:

Yes. Please refer to the other numerous reports and @Barry’s responses.

Go up to the category (click the last cat link in the breadcrumb bar, beneath the topic caption)
then change the TAGS menu to “stats” or “downloads” or “tallies”,…

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Yesterday, we updated our known stats to what is the right number for the charts. The number to the right of the word Downoads tends to be low by about 20%. We’re working on the best way to fix that number for 3M+ models.

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Thanks for the fast response. I don’t envy your task.

You should be seeing better numbers now for Likes, Downloads and Views, as we’ve done a bit of work on this recently. Let me know if things look any better for your models.

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