Model download count not updating

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I’ve noticed in the last couple days that the download count on my models isn’t updating. I currently have 200 models and some have had several downloads a day for years, but lately nothing on any model. I even tried downloading some of mine and others models and the counts never changed.
Is there a some issue with the warehouse where downloads are not being counted?


+3Million is a lot…

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And the charts? Are they accurate?

Not sure what you mean. If your asking if the download count is accurate, I don’t know. I assume the warehouse is reporting an accurate count.


Sorry, I missed that. Yes, the charts are showing correct accurate downloads.

I retract my previous post. The chart and side bar never mach. Usually the chart has higher numbers but sometimes the side bars are higher. Which is correct? And, is there a way to snap the chart the right side or do just have to hover as close to the edge as you can? Or, am I still missing something?

Read thread 2 of this post.

Updated article above. Statistics still wrong in 3D Warehouse

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