Help Others Find Your Model ....?

Just a few days ago, perhaps 14 or 15 October, I uploaded a model to the 3DWH for the first time since some of the latest changes were rolled out –

-I originally had 7 tags in my description… got hit with a “!” Okay…so I hadn’t really paid much attention to the “Help Others Find Your Model” box.
-Whittled tags down to four …
-Then the process seemed to have an issue with my description… there was an “x” by “Add a quick and helpful description.” I made several edits…none of which pleased the system.


My description has approximately 535 characters - that’s counting spaces and “carriage returns.” I did not exceed any character limit or I’m pretty sure the system would not have allowed me to complete my upload. So, at this point, I have no idea what’s wrong with my description.

Finally, at the bottom of this little information box - “Improving your score will make your model easier to find.” How do you improve your “score?” Are uploads being somehow scored now? And if so, how? If, by the time you are ready to hit the upload button, that yellow bar is not at capacity, or your model does not meet some minimum score, does your model end up on a fast elevator down to some dark basement level of the warehouse or something?