3D Warehouse: Editing description

…and/or tags for posted model. How-to, please.

Sorry! Found the button…

Where is it for tags? I was trying to edit the tags on one of my collections, and although I could find the Edit button, tags weren’t included in what I could see to edit.

PS. Silly me - I was looking for it where they are in the original - under the URL line, and they aren’t there. And though I saw the tags on the right in the Edit mode, they appeared greyed out so I thought I couldn’t edit them. But I can, I find.

It’s right at the top of the 3DWarehouse UI, above the “download” button, when you’re on the page where your model is available for said downloading. You can edit the description from there as well. Hope this helps, write if it doesn’t…

Yes, thank you, I did find it, but only after my first reply on this topic - I missed it completely yesterday.