Option to import model from Warehouse WITHOUT tags/comments/active

One of the major issues with Warehouse is that importing models also drags in their tags & other meta, and pollutes the nicely set up tags in the main model we’re working with. Even 3-4 extra “garbage” tags x 20-30 models, quickly make a mess.

It would be SO nice to have an option, when importing models, to “Import Geometry Only” or “Import Without Tags” or whatever you guys want to name it, but the idea is to import JUST the geometry, or as an option, the dynamic/active script, but NOT suddenly have 357 *%&^ing tags show up and need to be manually cleaned up. (Because there’s no “delete all tags created in the last NNN minutes” command, and that’s another thing…).

Never, let me repeat, NEVER import a model from 3DW into your working file.

In my experience 70% of the stuff there is incredibly badly tagged, stupidly materialised, a million miles from the origin, have several tons of hidden edges/faces/groups etc.
Import what you want into new empty file, clean it, trim it etc etc and then copy/paste ONLY the bits you want it into your working file.

It may sound heartless or arrogant but in my opinion anyone who blindly imports stuff they didn’t create themselves into their models deserves all they get.