Can we add tags to a model

Are there any plans to allow users to add tags to a model?
Let me explain my dilemma… Some individuals do not add tags to their models; use serial numbers to name their model, or use different languages to tag or name the models. I’ve found some incredible models on the Warehouse. However, I don’t think I would be able to find them again due to how they are posted.
I know what I’m asking can (and probably would) be abused, but perhaps a solution is to allow the original poster to approve the tag suggestions. And if they don’t accept the tags in 30 days, then the tags are automatically added to the model.

Thanks again to the Sketchup Team for their hard work!

Multiple ways of accomplishing this, but what probably makes the most sense is to start a collection of models you like or fulfill a particular need: make sure you’re logged in, then click on your name upper left, and “Create Collection”. When you’re on a model you like, click "Add to Collection (right side).


And even easier would be to ‘Like’ the model. At which point, the model will appear under your Liked Models tab on your My Warehouse page.

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Yes, All of these are very good ideas.
I guess If I’m looking for something specific (e.g. concealed door hinge) I could make a collection. But if I stumble across a great model and see it has a poor name, or missing tags, it would be great to help others find the model, by filling in missing information.


Yea, people do leave comments as well… this can lead to some, um, “interesting” discussions between parties on 3DWarehouse, so while your intentions are well-intended and helpful, not everyone’s are so.

Yep. Trolls… they can suck the life out of a party.

Thanks everyone for the advice!