Is it possible to import models from 3D Warehouse WITHOUT importing their layers/tags?

I have a standardized (according to my workflow) template with specific tags. But when I import models from Warehouse, they add all kinds of random tags - sometimes 10, 20, or more. Multiply this by a dozen models (e.g. furniture into a house design), and there’s a godawful mess. Then I have to go through the list and clean it up. Every time.

Is there a way - either a combination of settings, or a plugin (I’ve looked, can’t find), that will let you import models but NOT their tags?

Side question: would that break Dynamic Component functionality? If so, is there a way to disable associated-tag-import on a case-by-case basis?


The general adive is to download components from the 3D Warehouse and clean them up in a separate SketchUp file before adding them to your project. Part of cleaning them up involves eliminating unneeded tags and making she all edges and faces are untagged.

You shouldn’t download objects from the 3DWH straight to your main model, there are some corrupted objects that could corrupt your entire model.

OK, that makes sense. Also confirms that it’s not me being an idiot, it’s everyone having the same problem & this is the work-around.

Thank you!

Also, going to put that in as a Feature Request, it shouldn’t be too hard to accommodate an option like that on the Warehouse level.

Ah, thank you for the advice. Combined with what DaveR said, I’ll definitely start doing it this way from now on.

I wouldn’t think of it as a workaround. If you are using components from the 3D Warehouse you are relying on models created by others and they may have different goals when creating the component that you have in using the component. If their modeling process doesn’t match your needs you can either edit the components or create your own. Personally I don’t ever use components from the 3D Warehouse in my models. Part of that is it’s usually easier and faster for me to model them as I need them than it is to fix up what someone else did.

For the final ID set, I generally either make the components myself or commission someone.

But for the purposes of draft / concept review, the ability to quickly populate a whitebox model with generic furniture and show the client how it’s generally going to look like, without spending hours upon hours making every night stand and every pillow “just so”, is invaluable.