Some components from the Warehouse add tags, can I change this?

I am using SketchUp for Web Free version. Some components from the Warehouse add tags. And removing these tags removes the corresponding elements from the component, destroying it. Is there a way to change this behavior so the tagged elements stay within the component? These component added tags are cluttering up my tags list and making it harder to work with my tags.

I could of course just choose another component, but there are some, like the example below, that are so nice that I would like to know if there is a way to fix them.

For example: from the Warehouse. Plant by Regan S. It is a nice light weight yet lovely border of flowers. It adds these tags: 3d leaf 1, 3d leaf 2, 3d leaf 3, and 3d red. NOTE: To find it, search for Regan S. under Models with sort order set to Relevance, it’s the first one.)

The description for this component says it uses layers (aka tags), but is there a way to change this behavior so these elements don’t add tags?

Thank you for any solution or insight into this issue.

You can’t prevent them from adding the tags but you can remove the tags after inserting them into your model.

Based on this I presume you are a hobbyist. Do the tags hurt anything? Maybe they aren’t worth bothering with.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I am a hobbiest, and a SU newbie.

Based on your reply, I tried Delete Tag again, and found that indeed it does exactly what I was asking for when I choose Assign another tag: Untagged (instead of Delete the entities as I first tried).

Thank you so much.

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