Trouble with tags (layers)

Don’t know if the free version was updated but my Tags setup has changed. I no longer can set an active tag or turn on/off visualization of a tag layer. This change has affected older model files as well as new. Does anyone have any thoughts?

The changes have been made to ‘guide’ beginners somehow a more appropriate way to use the tags. Normally, it is not advisable to set another current tag, but to leave the Untagged one. And assign tags to the groups / components you create, leaving the geometry untagged.


Can you still organize groups/components to different tag layers by moving them to a new tag layer after grouping?

Is it possible to revert back to the previous version before this change?

I think you’d find it a lot easier to work with tags if you stop thinking of them in the way that layers are used in other programs. Groups and components(objects) don’t get moved to “new tag layers”. Tags are given to or put on objects. You can give a tag to multiple objects and, if you wish to use nested objects (objects inside of an object) you can give the nested object a tag that is different from the one(s) given to the base level objects. So you might have a Rafter tag for the rafter components and a Sheathing tag for the sheathing components. You could collect the rafters and the sheathing components into a larger Roof group and give that group a Roof tag. Then turning off the visibility for the Roof tag will hide both the sheathing and rafters.

You can always remove a tag from an object. Select the entities and in Entity Info select the new tag to give to the selection or give them Untagged.

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