Tags, Objects on more than one TAG

It appears I have some objects (groups, components) that are on more than one “Tag”. Any ideas on how to get them only on one tag. My tags are not nested.

You can’t nest tags. They can be collected into tag folders, though.

Is the geometry inside the objects tagged? If so that would create problems for you. Are the objects nested?

There’s a plugin available from Sketchucation called Default Layer Geometry which will go through the entire model and remove tags from edges and faces. That’s quick and easy. If you have nested objects you would either need to go through the nests on at a time and correct the tagging although it might actually be faster to delete the tag and set all the objects that have the tag back to Untagged.

If you share the file we can give you more specific help.

What is happening is;
A board (Component) is says it is on Tag named “Dresser A”
With “Dresser A” on (un-hidden) and when a Tag named “Spacers” is un-hidden I can see it (with all the other objects on “Spacers”)
However, when I toggle “Spacers” off the board goes away.

Share the .skp file so I can see the exact setup. If you don’t want to make the file public, share it in a private message. Click on my name and then “Message”.

DV III DD Exploded.skp (1.3 MB)

I ran the Default Layer Geometry plugin and got this:
Screenshot - 9_1_2023 , 11_01_07 AM

That exposed a bunch of geometry that had been tagged. Most of it is loose geometry.

You should be leaving all edges and faces untagged and only put tags on groups and components. Keep in mind that tags do not create separation between the different elements in your model. You need to use groups and components to do that.

Not sure if I sent it twice. But.
Thanks for the help.
The scene "For Dave of SketchUp should give you what you need.
The Tag “Dress D” is the one that has some stuff that is also on Tag “Spacer”
Questions just ask.

DV III DD Exploded.skp (1.25 MB)

An example with the Spacers and Dress D tags. Most but not all of the geometry of the center vertical panel is tagged with “Spacers” while the #66 component is tagged with Dress D.

It may be that you’ve been exploding tagged components and groups. That would result in the geometry inheriting the tag. If you are going to explode groups and components you should first remove their tags by selecting them and making the Untagged in Entity Info. Alternatively, immediately after exploding to raw geometry and while that geometry is selected, select Untagged in Entity Info.

Thanks Dave,
I ran that plug in and it seemed to work.
Not sure if I understand all the stuff you suggested.
Is there any other cleanup i should attempt (besides that plug in)

You should all the time work with “untagged” as your active tag, a pencil icon shows what tag is active, you must assign tags after creating groups or components, you can do it from the entity info tray or using the tag tool on the tags tray.

There’s another plugin called cleanup 3 from thomthom, it’s good to keep your model purged, sketchup keeps the components, materials and styles you use in your model even if you delete them or you don’t use them in your model, you can purge it manually but that plugin also does that, beside erasing stray edges, fix broken lines, merge materials and some other things, you can set it up easily.
There’s another plugin called solid inspector, it checks if your groups or components are solids, sometimes when you try to use the solid tools you get a message that says that the group isn’t a solid, solid inspector shows you the errors your group or component has, there are errors that the plugin can fix automatically like stray edges or reversed faces but other problems like missing faces you muy fix them manually.

There wasn’t much to purge in the file. There are some things I suggested in a PM to you, though.

Thank you.
I ended up just starting a whole new model, keeping in mind your warning from the other day.
So far so good.
The client wanted a bunch of changes, so it just easier to go that way.
I really appriciate your help.