Minimizing Tags

I created two tags, when minimize one, it is fine, when I minimize the other, it minimizes both. Not sure how to fix this.

Darlene Office.skp

Are you creating tag folders?

You have tagged desks. They are not solids. One that disappears when it is not supposed to disappear has two nested components. I think that if your work flow would be to create solids before you tag, you wouldn’t be having this problem. So the one that diasappeared wrong, has two tags and is nested. I always use Inspector to make sure what I am creating is solid. I always use components instead of groups when I am going to make more than one instance. That takes care of a lot of potential problems. Others will chime in I’m sure and add more clarity.

Typical result of incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_7_2024 , 11_02_16 AM
All edges and faces should be create AND remain untagged. Tagging the geometry as you did has created issues for you. Apply tags only to the groups and components in your model.


If I edit the group and add something or redraw something, can I not add everything in the same group and add it to the same tag?

There’s no need to worry about what tag you’ve given to the object IF you leave all edges and faces inside the groups untagged.

Is there a link for proper tag usage.

The Help files at would be the place to start.

It’s really quite simple. Follow these rules:

  1. Leave Untagged active at all times. That is, the pencil icon in the far right column should remain at Untagged.
  2. Create and leave all geometry (edges and faces) untagged.
  3. Give tags only to groups and components.

Doing this means you don’t have to chase active tags like you have to chase active layers in ther programs. There’s no need to be concerned about what tag you’ve given to a group or component when you are editing it.

A thing to note is that if you explode a component or group to raw geometry, the geometry will inherit the object’s tag. The immediate next step after exploding, while the geometry is still selected is to go to Entity Info and change the tag to Untagged. In practice there shouldn’t be many cases where you’d need to explode objects to raw geometry though.