Importing a model always drags in its Tags... :-/

Recently got a copy of Nick @Sonder & Matt Donley’s excellent book “SketchUp & Layout for Architecture”.

The one thing I can’t get to work though, is importing a model into the Site model (e.g. the Building model) without also dragging in all the Tags from the Building model. The book describes how to do this and that you ought to be able to import a model “as a component” (presumably as Untagged initially) and then just assign it to one Tag in the, and unique to, the Site model…

All my entities are Untagged and Tagging is only on Components and Groups. In my Building there are many nested Groups, but I have also been unable to get this to work in a very simple file with two Groups (one nested inside the other) - attached - and the Tags showing in the parent model below after importing it:


Here’s the simple model with 2 Groups that I’m trying to import without those Tags…
SIMPLE MODEL.skp (196.2 KB)

What am I doing wrong…??

This thread that I’d found seems to suggest that you can’t avoid this… :thinking:

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That’s correct and why wouldn’t you want to have control of the component tags? I deal with somewhat extreme terrain and being able to control all the tags in my house model inside the site model is very beneficial.

Also, I’m fairly confident the book doesn’t say that deleting tags is a part of the process, especially since tag control of the building is critical in creating the site scenes.

Ah thanks for clarifying Nick… Clearly I got the wrong end of the stick and assumed that the “child” model Tags wouldn’t be imported and that in the “parent” Site model the whole imported component would be encapsulated in one Tag in the interests of simplicity/computer resources.

What you say makes perfect sense now and being able to control/toggle Tags corresponding to different elements of the Building after it has been imported is actually very useful.

Many thanks once again!