Importing another SU model WITHOUT layers

Hi everyone
Quick question; is it possible to import a SU model into another without importing the associated layers as well?

I have a unique layering system so when another model is imported I have to redesignate items to my layering system and delete individually the unwanted imported layers. Better that they came in by default to the untagged layer.

Hopefully, I’m not missing something obvious but thanks in advance for your responses

Do you mean without tags?

Open the file before importing it, delete all the tags. Then copy the contents into the other file.

Yep tags!

I knew there would be a simple solution however that relies on remembering to do that each time. If forgotten the damage is done. Presumably, there is no option built in to toggle either on or off?

No there isn’t. Tags are properties given to the objects (groups and components) in your model in the same way as materials or other properties. If you don’t want the properties to get imported into another model, you need to remove them.

OK got it, many thanks

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