3D Warehouse - feature requests: favorite collections & manufacturers, add personal tags/notes, allow import without tags/layers

1.) I see that it’s possible to Favorite or Add to Collection, but only a specific model. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to “bookmark” a collection or manufacturer/publisher. And there should be.

2.) Also, it would be incredibly convenient to add personal tags or notes to the models; these can be private by default, or shared publicly. Some models have specific quirks that are not immediately apparent - there’s no way to warn other users about them. Some models have very nice or specific features - there’s no way to “advertise” those to other users.

There’s an incredible amount of personal interaction and review going on, and it’s all getting lost because it’s all siloed.

If these personal tags/notes can be searchable, that would be even more amazing.

3.) Allow marking multiple models & importing them as a batch. Like “collect for import”.

Right now, I have a private collection named “to follow” and in there I’ll add a single model form the account I’d like to follow. but it’s a workaround.
if you use your browser, you can also add pages to your favourites.

well, I see the point of the private side of what you ask. but as of the public side… you can post comments !

so there is a way to warn people about something. or give extra love to a model and a maker :slight_smile:

use your browser. it solves the fact that we can only check one model at a time (with tabs), you can compare stuff, bookmark whole accounts if you want, and quickly download several things (again, tabs)

I used to use the warehouse internally for convenience, these days I only do when checking something for the forum or when teaching how it works.
The rest of the time, I’ll use firefox.

I know I can use the browser, but I generally already have dozens of tabs open, and really don’t want to add dozens more. It would be nice to have an sub-workflow like Adobe has, where you can go through assets (in Bridge or Lightroom), and mark what you need, until you get to the end and “collect all”; added bonus is that sometimes you might change your mind in the middle of the selection process, and if you didn’t have the assets actually downloaded, it’s cleaner and quicker to just change the selections.