3D Warehouse "Following"

I would like to be able to “Follow” certain modelers or tags. Having a feed of models that fit my preferences. While I like seeing the different types of models uploaded, it seems like it would be easy to miss some that would be of particular interest. (Am I missing an existing feature?)



I like the idea. I also do not see any such feature. Such as “Subscribe” to a certain collection to be notified if it gets any new member added to it.


Well, after a year later, there is still no progress for such feature. And it is very annoying that i bookmark manually those users or collections!

Can we take example from the great Sketchfab , please?

I bet embedding is still broken for 3D Warehouse and working for Sketchfab.

Animals - Chameleon | 3D Warehouse

Apollo 11 Moon Landing (VR Experience) - 3D model by arck-project [2324f96] - Sketchfab



It is working, and we have a roadmap of features that unfortunately I can’t discuss but keep suggestions coming.

Are you talking about embedding of 3d Warehouse models? Because it still doesn’t seem to work.