3D Warehouse Following feature

I would love to see a new feature inside the 3d warehouse where we can easily bookmark or follow some of our favourite pages, or collections or whatever. Its really hard to have to look up names again over and over again… @aaron_anderson Do you think this could be a possibility?

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the ping will be more efficient with @TheGuz :wink:

I agree, it could be nice to be able to add not just a model but a whole profile to your favourites.

meanwhile, here is a little trick

Make a new collection, private, and name it something like “to follow”
whenever you find a profile with many good models, just ad one to this collection. that way, no need to add them all to favorites, you can easily find the accounts again.


Thanks for the tip!!! im gonna try it out, it’ll really help me out as I have want to keep tags on so many pages/collections.

Fantastic idea suheirElali! We’ll see what we can do.


Hi suheirElali! We’ve got you covered. Here’s some more info:

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This is very cool, can’t wait to start using this follow feature!! thanks so much

Hey suheirElali! Hi ateliernab!

Sorry to say that we overwhelmed the servers with the new Follow & Notify feature and had to switch it off for now (that’s the reason why 3D Warehouse couldn’t load last night).

Thank you for your patience while we get this figured out.

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