3D Warehouse introduces Follow & Notify

Hi there SketchUppers! 3D Warehouse has been working hard to help you discover new and useful 3D content for your SketchUp creations. We reintroduced featured content with the “Discover What’s New” tab on the homepage and plan to expand this even more. We are testing a new type of AI search in 3D Warehouse Labs that you can experiment with to.

And NOW we’re about to make it even MORE awesome, you can now Follow your favorite brands on 3D Warehouse. First, find a brand you like. I’m totally digging LCL Design right now because they have thousands of high quality models and update frequently. Then I’ll click the Follow button (as seen below in blue).

Easy enough, right? Well what happens when I follow them? I’m glad you asked! Everytime they upload a new model or publish a new collection or catalog, you will know! You’ll have a front row seat to the freshest new LCL Design model drops! It’s like being on the VIP list for awesome 3D goodies.

! Wait, how will I know? Because I now have Notifications. See the little bell where the tool tip says “Notifications”? Because, in this scenario, I’m following Herman Miller (as seen in blue below), whenever they upload a delicious new piece of furniture, that bell will have a little red dot on it beckoning me to click on it.

When I click the bell it will take me to the Notifications tab that lives on the homepage and I’ll be able to see who has shared new content as well as see how people are interacting with my own content. I’ll see comments and likes right here in app and I won’t have to worry about doing this via email any more. Do people still use email? Well, here’s one less reason to check your email.

We’ll be adding new notifications soon and you’ll receive alerts when one of your models was added to someone’s collection and if one of your models was “Certified” by our content team. Let us know if you find it useful or, if not, what we can do to make it useful.

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Yikes! Looks like we overwhelmed the servers on day one and had to hit the “Pause” button. Please hang tight while we take a closer look at the issue.