3D Warehouse Labs is now open!

Hey SketchUppers! It’s time to don your safety goggles and favorite lab coat because 3D Warehouse Labs is now open to the public!

“Labs” is our beta release experience that you can check out by clicking on the “Check out Labs” link at the top of the 3D Warehouse homepage. Labs allows you to experiment with tools that are still in development. Your tests and feedback help us to make it even better.

Note that all Labs features are completely functional, so if you add, edit, or delete anything in your account it will work just like it does in classic 3D Warehouse. Currently, in Labs, we are showing some first looks at the new single page application (SPA) version of 3D Warehouse. This new design will make it much easier for us to tack on new features and functionality to help you with your work. Speaking of which, we have some real exciting new features on the horizon. Be sure to keep an eye on Labs to get an early preview of what we have in store.

We’re here if you have any questions or comments. If you have suggestions be sure to add them to the Feedback form which is linked at the top right of the new Labs page. Happy Sketching!
The 3D Warehouse Team


Awesome update! Congrats to Guz and the whole 3D Warehouse team! (especially Kelly :-))