3D Warehouse Labs Available in all SketchUp Clients!

3D Warehouse Labs Available in all SketchUp Clients!

Howdy folks! 3D Warehouse has made another step toward launching our new design this summer. This time we have activated 3D Warehouse Labs inside of our client applications! Now SketchUp Desktop, SketchUp Web, and SketchUp for iPad can all test our new developments right from their 3D Warehouse tool.

Starting now you can use 3D Warehouse Labs to download models directly into your workspace. Even better, you can search for and download MATERIALS right into your materials panel from 3D Warehouse.

If you want to try it yourself, just launch your SketchUp application and click on the “Check Out Labs” link.
Check out Labs

Shout out to the amazing Engineers, QA Experts, and Scrum Masters from ALL the teams that made this happen. Next up? More magic! Stay tuned for an announcement on June 6th from the floor of AIA.




I have a problem with the 3D Warehouse… I switched it to 3D Labs but there is no way I can switch it back to Classic. Normally I saw that button, but it has disappeared…? I’ve already stopped Sketchup and put my license back on it once. Can you maybe help me with this?
Thank you in advance!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools which is web-based. Is that correct? Or are you using SketchUp 2023 Pro? What operating system and graphics card?

Thank you for your message!
That’s right, I have a student version, but the Sketchup Pro 2023. I currently use my Macbook m1 pro, often also a fixed computer. On both I could go from Classic to Labs and back every time, but since yesterday I couldn’t go back from Labs on my Macbook… Seems to me that if I could go back every time it shouldn’t suddenly be a problem right?

Then it’s not SketchUp for Schools which is strictly web based. Please correct your forum profile to reflect you are using SketchUp Pro. That information helps us help you.

There were some changes made tothe 3D Warehouse yesterday. Perhaps @TheGuz will be able to help with that part.

Ah okay! I’m going to adjust! Thank you for your advice and help, hopefully someone can help me further :slight_smile:

The new version has launched, so the “labs” one is now the only version.
It shouldn’t say “labs” however. You could try clearing your webcache by deleting the webcache folder

It can be found here
%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\

Oh really? Okay I completely missed that, I was already surprised because I managed yesterday afternoon and not in the evening. I have the feeling that there were also a number of good models in the Classic. That’s why I wanted to go back so badly, but then we’ll do it with this! Thank you very much for responding.

The models should be exactly the same, there are now just improved tools to help find them.


I am a subscriber, but I do not see the option for 3D Warehouse Labs in my 3D Warehouse.
Please assist me in improving, thank you.

Capture d’écran 2024-04-19 à 09.21.51
May 2023.

The labs version was the beta version of what we have now. it was like that for a few month, and during summer, it became the standard warehouse. *

if you looked 3 messages above yours, you would have gotten the answer

Hey everyone, quick Labs update! Those features you’d been kicking the tires on in our last round? Well, they’ve either made their way into the official SketchUp toolkit or are getting some extra fine-tuning.

We’ve got a fresh Labs experiment dropping next week, and we’re hungry for your feedback. Let’s put this new feature through its paces – tell us if it hits the sweet spot or needs a little more workshopping. Your input makes a difference! :hammer_and_wrench:


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We are in the process of rolling out our new experiment. If you see it now then you are part of the 10% load test. If not, then you may see the Labs option sometime over the next two weeks.


Just decided to check out this thread. I had previously ignored it because I figured it was something that would be available only to those with a licenced copy of SU…and could only be accessed if going into the 3DWH via of SU.

I really didn’t see how this could be any different than a regular Warehouse search… so I decided to see what made the Labs feature so different. I typed in, “1960s Deutsche Wohnzimmerschrank.” ::: Snidely Whiplash laugh :::

BAM!! Huh? All these retro-looking cabinets of various sorts popped up. After clikking on a few, I noticed that descriptions contained parts of my search phrase, like “1960.” I found that results contained models that had English translations like, “cabinet,” or “sideboard.” And then I found a few models that, I dunno how they got included…but they were there.

Okay. So I closed up the Lab… :laughing: … and tried my search again with the exact same phrase, “1960s Deutsche Wohnzimmerschrank.” WHAT?? “0 Results in Models.”

Interesting. Pretty cool. Might be something I will consider using often…

Just FYI in case it might be of any interest or concern… may not matter, may happen no matter what kinds of search method is used, but there was one model returned in the above search that I could not figure for the life of me, how it got snagged. It was a “LIFT” beverage can. Description was, “Grapefruit.” Title was “Lift Cannabis Infused Seltzer can.” Category/Sub-category was Food & Beverage/Beverages.


“cannabis infused seltzer”? Well, you DID include the word 1960 :wink:. When I used Labs to search for “1960s Deutsche Wohnzimmerschrank” I didn’t see that in my search results.

Don’t know if you were aware but you can also drop in an image of what you’re looking for like this example.

:laughing: Probably just a fluke… I tried it again after reading your reply, and the beverage can did not show up this time.

Yes, I did know about that, but I play around in a free desktop version of SU, so that feature is not available to me. As for the Labs thing though, I have used it a few times since learning about it. :+1:

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ok this one is funny.

I asked for a “desk lamp architect black” and somehow the AI hallucinated a very specific type of lamp called a “bikini” I think. and it’s not even black.

but comparing with the standard search, this is still miles ahead. and it mad my student laugh :wink:


Sounds like the Lab AI probably had a few too many sips of that cannabis infused seltzer… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

But yeah… so far, this Lab thing is pretty cool.

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Great to hear the feedback!

As for the bikini lamp… if you “pretend your eyes” hard enough (squint, if you missed the reference), it kinda looks like a lamp… maybe?

Right now in Labs we have image search capabilities that should improve in the next couple of weeks and be better than what we have in Production currently. We are working on auto-deduplication so that the search results are not overrun with the same models. Descriptive search seems to be working pretty well. How about searches in other languages, any luck there?

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