3D Warehouse Labs Available in all SketchUp Clients!

3D Warehouse Labs Available in all SketchUp Clients!

Howdy folks! 3D Warehouse has made another step toward launching our new design this summer. This time we have activated 3D Warehouse Labs inside of our client applications! Now SketchUp Desktop, SketchUp Web, and SketchUp for iPad can all test our new developments right from their 3D Warehouse tool.

Starting now you can use 3D Warehouse Labs to download models directly into your workspace. Even better, you can search for and download MATERIALS right into your materials panel from 3D Warehouse.

If you want to try it yourself, just launch your SketchUp application and click on the “Check Out Labs” link.
Check out Labs

Shout out to the amazing Engineers, QA Experts, and Scrum Masters from ALL the teams that made this happen. Next up? More magic! Stay tuned for an announcement on June 6th from the floor of AIA.




I have a problem with the 3D Warehouse… I switched it to 3D Labs but there is no way I can switch it back to Classic. Normally I saw that button, but it has disappeared…? I’ve already stopped Sketchup and put my license back on it once. Can you maybe help me with this?
Thank you in advance!

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says you are using SketchUp for Schools which is web-based. Is that correct? Or are you using SketchUp 2023 Pro? What operating system and graphics card?

Thank you for your message!
That’s right, I have a student version, but the Sketchup Pro 2023. I currently use my Macbook m1 pro, often also a fixed computer. On both I could go from Classic to Labs and back every time, but since yesterday I couldn’t go back from Labs on my Macbook… Seems to me that if I could go back every time it shouldn’t suddenly be a problem right?

Then it’s not SketchUp for Schools which is strictly web based. Please correct your forum profile to reflect you are using SketchUp Pro. That information helps us help you.

There were some changes made tothe 3D Warehouse yesterday. Perhaps @TheGuz will be able to help with that part.

Ah okay! I’m going to adjust! Thank you for your advice and help, hopefully someone can help me further :slight_smile:

The new version has launched, so the “labs” one is now the only version.
It shouldn’t say “labs” however. You could try clearing your webcache by deleting the webcache folder

It can be found here
%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2023\

Oh really? Okay I completely missed that, I was already surprised because I managed yesterday afternoon and not in the evening. I have the feeling that there were also a number of good models in the Classic. That’s why I wanted to go back so badly, but then we’ll do it with this! Thank you very much for responding.

The models should be exactly the same, there are now just improved tools to help find them.